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The Narm Is Not Bad Episode

The 11th episode is a bit of a bore, but still has an odd rarity in the form of Deep Freeze, a budget game for the PS 1 by developer Sammy. What's it about? TERRORISTS! That belong to a group called, "Hephaistos". An international counterterrorist initiative called "Inter-ANTS" opposes them, with such wonderful toys as helicopters, spy planes, and a fleet of stealth bombers.

C: NE eschewed gameplay in favor of what I presume are some of the early CG scenes, which show terrorists crashing a wedding, for some reason. The CG is decent, but the dialog is what stands out, as it seems to use oddly stilted dialog and a Japanese actor that speaks English very well to play the good guys' leader: "We will wipe out the terrorists!"

According to this forum thread, dialog that carries a... strange impression to the audience could have been the whole point of the game. Or not. Look it up on YouTube, and make your own verdict of it.

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