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The True Art Is... Something... Episode

The 10th episode of Cinematech Nocturnal Emissions has some totally weird stuff that I dare you to even attempt to Google. It's to be expected when it starts with a Montage of random gameplay and cutscenes from Killer7.

For starters, they show a few clips from some game with Anime cutscenes, at the least. They have a more serious and realistic art style, and seem to try at a dark sense of humor. For example, they show a young lady talking while inserting a key into her ear, a man that resembles or is Hitler playing around underneath a woman's dress, a couple dancing at a Christmas party, and a thug getting a rectangular hole blown into his chest.

Since the game was only shown as an interstitial, it wasn't identified except possibly in the "Additional Games" sidebar at the end of the episode, where we learn that it is called Linda Cubed. Apparently, it's a role-playing game for the PC Engine, rereleased onto the Sega Saturn and PS 1. Clips of it exist on YouTube, but actual details are scarce.

Other highlights include... Pretty Fighter X, a remake of an SNES Fighting Game for the PS 1 and Saturn. PFX was unique in having a females-only cast, even if they seemed to be inspired more by fetishes than anything else (see also Rumble Roses). The remake adds fuzzy anime cutscenes for each of the girls, which are interesting enough even for non-Japanese speakers.

The first scene features Marin Aoki, the the sailor-suit-wearing high schooler. She finds herself rescuing Saki, her best friend, and fellow classmate, from some bullies, in an interesting inversion of the Damsel in Distress trope. Narrowly defeating the bullies with the help of her trusty Blue Sailor Punch, she accepts Saki's thanks and is next seen going, alone, to the island of Aomori...

She neglected to notice that one of the bullies was wearing a strange, ornamental cross around his neck...

PFX was shown a few times, almost exclusively for these backstories. They're very interestingly animated, very edgy and dissimilar from any anime that I've seen, possibly tickling the boundaries of appearing Off-Model. But never, ever boring.

Also featured: Love Smash 5.1 Tennis Robo no Gyakushuu, another one of D3's cheapie budget games for the PS2. This one is great for the sheer, stereotypical power of its all-girl cast. You got the Chinese girl, a girl that looks and dresses suspiciously like Hitomi from Dead or Alive 3, the Gothic Lolita, the cowboy girl, the rich bitch... and a robot named D3PO. Yeah.

Also featured: The intro to Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga 2. Still looks gorgeous, and not just for a PS2 game.

Also featured: Something that I have no words for. It's called Tomato, not to be confused with the frankly adorable Tomato Adventure RPG for the Game Boy Advance. No, Tomato is possibly a piece of educational software for the PS2 by SCEI. It shows scenes where you "play" people blathering on and on about... things... and it's very weird, because some of them appear to be wearing (very poor) facial prosthetics and wigs.

Other scenes include a maze game, where you presumably control one word (like "horse") and if it collides into another word (like "snake") the game shows you facts about whatever is described by the other word. It claims that snakes may be "psycic", and then it shows a snake with the caption, "i can read your thoughtssssss..." It's so weird, that it may have been one of the edits made by the Cinematech crew.

Several episodes later, a game just like Tomato was shown, but was identified as something like wordimagesoundplay, which is at least descriptive. But I still don't know what this game is, because there's nothing about it online... It's like an urban legend.

Another strange feature of this episode is that, for a couple of tags before the ad break, they showed a game where a cute, pink-haired anime girl said "Ne?" (the equivalent of "eh?") over and over again. The second time, it's kind of a montage with creepy Soundtrack Dissonance played over it. I guess they found her a little annoying. I don't know what game this is from, either. It definitely doesn't have the same style as Linda Cubed, and looks too good to be PFX. Yet another Cinematech Unsolved Mystery.

Next time: Who wants to crash a wedding?!


Not much info, eh?

nomuru2d 18th Sep 11
Ah, you got me. When I did my own Google search, I didn't receive any results from Giant Bomb... Also, the link that you provided is the first one to a Giant Bomb article that I ever clicked on. Thanks!

The artwork for the game is definitely... different.
BearyScary 18th Sep 11