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Beary Scary

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Devilishly Yours
Episode nine is an episode that I was originally very disappointed in, because it didn't show anything special for Halloween. Eventually, though, I came to see what entertainment it did have to offer without any of that Survival Horror.

The games featured included Densetsu Art Truck Battle, from the long-deceased Human Entertainment. Truck games were a brief niche in Japan (SEGA made a few), and this entry for the PS1 has not aged gracefully. But you can ride a truck with fancy lights on it!

Human Entertainment is better known for the king of Accidental Nightmare Fuel known as Monster Party and the intentionally shocking Clock Tower games.

There was also Devil Kings, a game that resembles Dynasty Warriors. It was actually based on a heavily altered installment of the Sengoku Basara franchise, which means that this game was the equivalent of the original Persona game for the PS1 to the rest of the more successful Persona franchise.

They showed a cutscene where an assassin with highly visible cleavage attempted to kill a guy named Frost. Unfortunately, Frost is pretty. Really, really pretty. They fall in love at first sight, and they embraced in a hug that sounded like something way too enjoyable to just be a hug.

It also showed some of the gameplay. The former assassin delved into battle in a snowy wasteland, killing countless Mooks and a little girl with a big hammer named Puff that was also poorly dressed for the weather in a different way. At the end of the mission, the assassin says, "I have performed well."

Next: Sailor suits, Hitler, and games that put the Tomato in WTF For Great Justice.
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Ahh yes, I know exactly what you're talking about for the next installment.

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