Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Let's review the new Thundercats! Hooooo!


14 - New Alliances

Our episode opens with the complete lie that passes for a clever prophecy from last episode a short recap.

The Kittens are trying out their new hover boards (Of Berbil manufacture, as we later learn) when they come across Lizards and the world's stupidest hover-tank. For one this thing requires half of its crew to stand on top of the bloody thing to man the main guns, rather than, ya know, be inside the tank. Therefore negating the point of having a tank at all. And it offers absolutely no cover or protection to said gunners. The tank chases them, but it was just an ambush, as they guide it to a dead end where Lion-O and his new stone (Which allows the claw-shield to project an energy shield) takes out the tank. The lizards come out of it, somehow figuring they'll do better against the dude that just killed a tank with a sword. Cheetara arrives and uses her superspeed to take out the soldiers. Tygra, with a new rifle, takes out a sniper who was aiming at Cheetara. The fivesome unites, looking at their captives, and Lion-O decides to let them go. He explains the lizards are also victims of Mumm-Ra, enslaved to him. And that by showing them kindness, they may yet join with the cats against Mumm-ra. Even the lizards mock the idea of an alliance, but Lion-O gives them the chance to go back to the battlefield or their homes. They opt for the later.

Hrrrm... How are they enslaved? The show so far seemed to indicate Mumm-ra had recruited them with promises of getting back at the cats. But how are they "victim" and "forced" to fight for him? He's just one dude. And pretty sure even with all his powers, if his entire (tank and Humongous Mecha equipped) army decided to walk out on him, there's nothing he could do.

Yes, this episode introduces this new change of characterization to the lizards, to perhaps make them more sympathetic like they were in the pilot. Except not effort is made to even explain how Mumm-Ra, who is alone, controls the Lizards or "forces" them to serve him.

Cheetara and Tygra share a moment, which makes the Kittens react about how they need to show off their romance all the time, but Lion-O tells the pair he glad they are together and is happy for the pair. Tygra is glad to hear it from his brother. And so am I. I worried they were going to have Lion-O act all jealous and petulant because Cheetara dared picked someone other than him. But he doesn't. And that's a very level headed move. Good on you Lion-O. You may yet be that legendary king the pilot promised us!

The cats return to the village, where the Berbils are making Panthro new arms. And it's a sorry sight: He complains of Phantom Limb pains and sensations. Sad. Then they reveal the limbs and I get Mood Whiplash as the somber scene is broken by showing Panthro with silly, tiny pink Berbil arms. I gotta say though this is Actually Pretty Funny. Lion-O checks on Panthro, having a bit of fun at those arms. He fills them in on their repeated ambush strategies, which is apparently going very well.

Inside Mumm-Ra's Palace, the titular mummy complains to Slythe about the many desertions following Thundercat ambushes. Slythe counters the lizards have no reason to be loyal, since Mumm-Ra regards them as expendable minions.

...So why are you following him again? How about you take the guns, the tanks, the mechs and just... leave?

Mumm-Ra says he's not asking for loyalty, he wants warriors who fight not for treasure, but for blood. Okay, so the lizards DID join to plunder Thunderra. Fine. But that doesn't make them the poor victims or unwitting pawns Lion-O describes them as. Eitherway, inconsistent motives aside, Mumm-Ra wants new generals, and sends Slythe to rescue two (an Ape and a Jackalman) who have been imprisoned for crimes "horrible even to him". Now I really want to know what those were. Seriously, where does Mumm-Ra draw the line? He hopes those new bloodthirsty generals will give them new armies of their own people. Okay, two problems with that:
  1. If these guys are as evil as you say (in fact, so evil their crimes are horrible even to you), what makes you think you can control them, that they'll fight for you and never turn on you?
  2. Why would their people follow them? These guys are evidently criminals (and not amongst their own people). Are Jackalmen and Apes Always Chaotic Evil? Otherwise it's like if you expected to gain the respect and loyalty of the US army by recruiting Ted Bundy. And on top of that, if the fact your treating the lizards like shit gets around, that'd make the other races less willing to follow you, no?

The Bird nation is about to execute Addicus the Ape by dropping him off a cliff. He's rescued by the world's dumbest hovertanks and proceeds to kill and eat the Bird man leader. Slythe demands Addicus' loyalty to Mumm-Ra, and he agrees.

The cats have had another successful ambush. Lion-O carves the Thundercat logo on the destroyed tank, and he talks to Cheetara, asking how he misinterpreted her. Well she is Queen of the Mixed Signals after all. She explains all she did was because she was ordered to by Jaga: She was tasked with following him around and keeping an eye on him. She did believe there's something special in him, as she said in the pilot, but her heart is Tygra's. Lion-O takes the news less than well. Sigh. You were impressing me Lion-O! You didn't have to blow it! Though to be fair I do understand him, and he's not exactly throwing a tantrum. So I'll give him a pass. He leaves, and Tygra arrives, asking Cheetara what's up with Lion-O.

Back at the Berbil, they are working on new arms. Stretch Armstrong arms. Unfortunately those go rogue and punch him and everything around him. So much for that.

Kaynar is into all sorts of kinky stuff.
Meanwhile in, errr, Mordor??? Kaynar the Jackalman is being dragged, tied up Hannibal Lecter-style, by two Bull Dogs in S&M suits. Seems he killed some fellow inmates and hears voices in his head. Clearly he is the strategic genius Mumm-Ra needed! The Lizards have somehow infiltrated the cell they were leading him to (how???) and shoot the guards. Kaynar is freed and hired on board when he's told he'll get to fight cats (Guess he hates them somehow?). And he celebrates by saying "goodbye" to his guards. The show implies he'll kill them. But considering their BDSM gear, I like to imagine he celebrated a whole other way. If you get my meaning.

The cats spot a lizardman tank having captured a group of lizards they had "liberated". Lion-O wants to go rescue them, but Tygra doesn't want to get involved, since the Lizards are just as liable to turn on them. Of course, since they are being led at gun point and chained, odds are they aren't too willing about signing up again. And saving them would help show why they should throw in with the cats. So yeah, for once I agree with Lion-O! Cheetara sides with Tygra however, and Lion-O doesn't take well to this, saying he'll go take care of it himself then. He sends the twin back to the Berbil village so they'll be safe. Cheetara tells him they have to stick together, but he's backing out of this.

Lion-O arrives and Slythe is commanding the tank. They banter, but Slythe reveals the two new generals, who captured the deserters to make an example out of them. The trio prepares to attack Lion-O when Cheetara and Tygra arrive, saying they've got Lion-O's back. Hrrm. Good for them. You know, showing their romantic feelings won't interfere with their work? I approve. A fight scene start... And I am sorry, this is kind of bad.

First of all, Cheetara makes no use of her powers. No super speed, no use of the Evil Dead Tree Staff other than to entangle a bit of Addicus' weapon. Because, ya know, it's Addicus' first episode, so he needs to make a good showing, so we can't have Cheetara actually use her Story-Breaker Power on him. Ditto for Lion-O, who fights Slythe, without using either the new forcefield of the spirit stone, or the Holy Avenger's laser beam. And Slythe fights him to a standstill. Yes. Lion-O is a match to an obese lizard. This is sad. Only Kaynar and Tygra's fight is worth watching, as Tygra uses his invisibility, but Kaynar sniffs him out, and disarms him, taking him prisoner. The asks them to surrender, but Lion-O wants to keep fighting. Cheetara however surrenders. Lion-O asks her what's up and what happened to sticking together. But Cheetara says she'll stick with Tygra.

Now I don't know how I feel about this. On one hand, Lion-O looked willing to sacrifice his brother to win a fight. On the other... He's likely right in that they could've saved him if they let go of the Idiot Ball and actually used their powers. Besides, its not like surrendering is much of an option. Addicus and Kaynar don't look the "take prisoners" type.

Meanwhile in the Village, Panthro's strechy arms are fixed. He celebrates by punching a hole in Ro-Bear-Bill's floor. Coz he's nice like that. The Berbils show him they've "upgraded" the thundertank as the twins arrive to warn him about what is going on. We see it when it shows up to rescue Lion-O, Tygra and Cheetara: The tank is now huge, like a mobile fortress with a whole crew of Berbils. The trio board it and retreat. Panthro tells Lion-O to not worry about the new general. They'll pull through so long as they stick together. The camera pans to show Tygra and Cheetara. Oh the irony!

So what WAS Cheetara's plans by surrendering? Considering that they were gonna kill them anyway... Yeah, Lion-O was right this time.
The episode is okay. A good return after the long hiatus. Addicus and Kaynar give a good showing and their "recruitment" sets the tone of their characters well. The love triangle I frankly find bad. No matter how it's played, someone winds up looking bad: Either Lion-O by looking petty and jealous because he didn't get what he wanted (Though his complaints about Cheetara's mixed signals are valid), or Cheetara by looking insubordinate. I do hope this plot thread is resolved swiftly.


They seem less like hover tanks and more like flying PT boats.
Deboss 2nd Apr 12