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The campaign is being derailed again ~ Let's Play D&D 3.5e

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A (not so) Grand Return
Many moons ago, when I first stumbled upon this site and when the Liveblog Forum wasn't archived, I live blogged a game of Dungeons and Dragons: 4th Edition. I ended playing a power hungry and rather out of whack Doppelganger Rogue named Mogi who traveled along side her companions, Oerin the Deva Artificer, Minlagni the Tiefling Wizard, Book the Warforged Fighter, and eventually Victor the (boring) Human Paladin. They pissed off a god, killed many a god killers, fought against hippos and lions, and started a new religion, all while riding on a sweet vehicle called The Slab On Wheels.

But this isn't that campaign, for now we start a brand spanking new one, this time in a half an edition earlier game. So, here's the catch, I need you guys to make me a new character for a campaign that begins on 5th of August. This means deciding upon the name, gender, back story, race, class, feats, EVERYTHING and whenever that character levels up, you guys get to pick the new stuff and can make suggestions on where I take that character in the campaign. Don't worry, for the non-D&D literate, I'll simplify things for you guys. All that I ask is that you don't make me play a cripple in a campaign that's set in a heroic fantasy.

Seeing as I have eight days until the game begins, we've got plenty define the various details of who I'm going to play. Here's a quick outline of what I need:

After that, we'll get down to the nitty gritty, but for now, it's fleshing out the character and creating a unique adventurer.

Races: (Feel free to suggest more, the site I linked have several homebrew ones and official ones I won't cover that I can ask my DM about, however, no level adjustment ones are allowed)

Classes: (Don't worry about the long list of stuff, we're sticking to base classes that aren't psionic, and you know, you can suggest more).

If you have any questions, feel free to add them below in the comments section, I'll be glad to answer any questions. Now, let's begin, I want a fun adventurer to play as, since after all, we've got loot to plunder and dragons to be slain, and I want to do it the funnest manner possible.

So a general idea of what we've got here:

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29th Jul '11 11:49:37 AM flag for mods
While I'm no good with names and such, I can say that I think a halfling ranger (the shooty type, of course) would be neat. Preferably with dragons as a favoured enemy.
ShieldOfDoom 28th Jul 11
Are warforged available for this? A warforged barbarian who sounds like RECR when he goes into rage mode would be rather funny. "I was designed to protect this land, and I will do it by destroying everyone!"

Otherwise I like the halfling ranger idea, but I might suggest you give him/her a bit of an Adventurer Archaeologist bent.
darnpenguin 29th Jul 11
Most of warforgeds that I've found for 3.5e are unbalanced beyond reason, but if you manage to find one that sounds reasonable, I could run it by my DM and see if it's alright.
Ramus 29th Jul 11
The only warforged I know of is the Eberron one. +2 con, -2 wis and cha, no need to eat, sleep or breathe but must be repaired to heal, has +2 natural armor but can be hurt by spells that usually only damage metal and wood.
darnpenguin 29th Jul 11
Be a human cleic and turn yourself into a necromacer make the dead your puppets then if you can take the steps to turn yourself into a Lich
Envyus 29th Jul 11
scrap the last comment samething but a wizard just for more offencive powers while being a necromacer as well
Envyus 29th Jul 11
Hm... How about a pure Orc (No half) Barbarian with a Chaotic Evil alignment?
Psyga315 29th Jul 11
I don't think you can be an Orc
Envyus 29th Jul 11
Just have to find me a link to page with the orc race being statted out as a player race. I then just have to run it by my DM and we'll be all set to go.
Ramus 29th Jul 11
Found the link to the Orc race.
Psyga315 29th Jul 11
I vote for the Eberronian Warforged, though I personally prefer Fighters to Barbarians.
desdendelle 30th Jul 11
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