A return to the good ol' hack-n-slash... Let's Play Spiral Knights!


... NEVER looking at Gun Puppies the same way again.

Well, this was one of the best and most terrifying runs I've ever been through, for so many reasons.

First! Why it was one of the best!

For this installment, I joined Delvarian, going by Verd in-game. He decided to take me on a full tier-2 run, and I was eager to go since I moved on to my 2-star equipment.

About halfway through, he called for help. Das-Hexer (in-game name, don't know what he goes by here) joined, and requested that a fellow friend going by Bewmshaka (not a troper yet) join us too. As a result, we had a full party going all throughout. I even maxed out my armor layout's level at the time!

And now... why it was one of the most terrifying...

The first big problem that Delvarian and I ran into was that our first 2 floors of the tier-2 run were FUCKING ARENAS. BACK-TO-BACK. 6 MATCHES TOTAL. NO STOPPING.

Afterwards, it was smooth sailing until we got to the Clockworks Terminal. At that point, we were joined by a player who was fully decked out in Divine gear.

What perfect timing, too... since we entered YET ANOTHER FUCKING ARENA. This time, the only reason that we were able to get through the second and third battles here was because of our Divine friend... who sadly couldn't stay with us afterwards.

But the horror wasn't over... Ohhh not by a long shot... For you see... We had to go through the hell that was the Ironclaw Munitions Factory.

At this point, Delvarian had to call for help. We needed it if we were going to get through the unbelievably frustrating hybrid of Bullet Hell and puzzle game... all while dealing with such wonderful delights as Quicksilvers that loved hopping onto electrified floors (they were lich-type monsters that got healed from Shock status) and the constant manipulation of switch-walls to either block off shell attacks or get access to monsters. The factory run ultimately culminated in one last run across an electrified-floor corridor while dodging waves of high-damage missiles flying towards us.

The first 2 floors were hell... but we had no idea what was in store for us when we faced... THE ROARMULUS TWINS.

Two gigantic Gun Puppies that spewed TONS of firepower at us, upping the ante with each passing phase. First, it was missiles that we had to manipulate into hitting the giant Puppies, mixed with spread-pattern high-damage Shock bullets, while dodging/destroying infinitely-spawning monsters. Next, it was dodging missiles raining from above in addition to the previous. Finally, the mother of all attacks... sweeps of a high-powered death ray that could only be blocked by the switch-walls.

Everyone except Delvarian kept dying over and over, myself included. It was such a nightmare... and it was no wonder. I checked that little alert status that tells you the strength of the resistance you face on a floor - mine was MAX PURPLE. Everyone but Delvarian had that. He was the only one who was green.

The aftermath!

It was a clusterfuck... but we ultimately prevailed. The damn things blew up, we got our deserved rewards, and moved on to the next hub... or we would've if it didn't require us to have 4-star gear. Instead, we had one last little conversation, some of which related to what to call our specific team.

I elected Task Force X. : D

We ended by exchanging Steam names for adding, and parted ways. All in all, THIS was the biggest challenge I have ever had to face in the history of my playing this game. It was utterly intense (both Delvarian and Das-Hexer kept calling it Kaizo Spiral Knights - XDDDD), but the rewards were well worth the repeated deaths.

To be perfectly honest, though... I'm quite concerned about needing to craft more items. I am running low on armors, I need to do more money runs to buy CE, and I'll need 3-star gear soon...


Oh boy, if you think that's hard, you haven't seen anything yet. Just wait until you reach tier 3.
Phoenixor 12th Sep 11
Yeah... NOT looking forward to tier 3. XD
nomuru2d 12th Sep 11