A return to the good ol' hack-n-slash... Let's Play Spiral Knights!


The Joys of Moving On...

So a whole bunch of things have been happening today.

First, I managed to equip myself so I could move onto tier 2 at last.

I learned the hard way that simple 2-star equipment isn't going to cut it. It gets BALL-POUNDINGLY frustrating. My party and I died so many times on depth 12 it was ridiculous.

And it was an arena fight, too. It would only get harder. We basically went "fuck that shit" and high-tailed it out of there.

On the plus side, I got to party with a couple cool people, and added them as friends. Afterwards, I had somewhere around 11000 Crowns to spend. I spent some of it on 3-star recipes! : )

But afterwards, I had a very fun experience.

One of the game's longest-standing guilds, The Jempire, were hosting a trivia event. Apparently they host a lot of events every now and then, with a fair chance of winning lots of Crowns.

For this particular event, correct answers to trivia questions (both relating and not relating to Spiral Knights) would award the first correct player with 4000 Crowns. I managed to get one answer, and it was by pure speed. You wouldn't BELIEVE how fast these trivia players are when it comes to typing.

But anyways, it was very fun. The guild is non-elitist, meaning it's one of the friendliest in the whole game, and it's constantly active, unlike, say... VALHALLAN KNIGHTS.

Seriously, though, while I thought joining the troper guild would be fun, so far I've been the only member constantly playing! I feel as if there isn't any point sticking around there anymore... so upon talking with some of the members of The Jempire, I've come to a temporary decision: I will wait until I can receive word back from members of the guild who still care before I decide whether or not to move on...