A return to the good ol' hack-n-slash... Let's Play Spiral Knights!


... Well, back to the grind!

Been away from the game for quite some time. I blame my new 3DS. And Ocarina of Time. Definitely Ocarina of Time. I can see 3D where there shouldn't be...


Hopped back into the game, looking to get more money for crafting. This time, I looked ahead into the dungeon layouts to actively seek a Snarblebarb run.

If you've kept track of my blog so far, you should know that I usually dislike having to fight the Snarbolax. However, as I've grown better at this game, I've started seeking out full tier-1 runs to farm Frumious Fangs. When you've got enough, these can be exchanged for some quite-awesome equipment... but it's gonna take a long time before I can have enough for all of the stuff.

Anyways, I ended up partnered with two people who were quite nice, and actually knew what they were doing! As a result, we managed to take down the Snarbolax with minimal damage. Only death that happened was mine, and that was just my first and only death in the run.

Afterwards, had over 3000 Crowns, and about 40 energy leftover, so I dove into crafting and buying recipes. Pretty sure that I've got nearly all of the 2-star recipes at this point, but I know that there may very well be more out there waiting.