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Snarbolax Rematch... With Noobs. *sigh*

So I went in for another full tier-1 run today. Ended up being teamed with 2 people that handled themselves pretty well for floors 1-6...

But then we got to floor 7.

If you didn't read the title, this was the particular string of floors that generates the Snarblebarb tier 1 boss. The two guys I was with... They did NOT get the concept of patience.

I kept telling them that they had to wait until the damn thing was right by the bell before hitting it, but one of the teammates must've been partially blind so as not to read my text. He kept hitting the damn thing over and over. Predictably, he kept getting killed over and over. -_-

And if that wasn't enough, when he wasn't attacking the bell repeatedly, he was joining forces with the other teammate to attack the Snarblebarb while it WASN'T stunned. Kept telling them that it wouldn't be affected. They didn't listen.

All in all, it took about 3 revives for each of them, and one death on my part, before the Snarbolax finally went down. We claimed our reward of 3 Frumious Fangs, and finally passed to the next floor.

Note to self: ask if any of teammates have fought the Snarblebarb BEFORE fighting the Snarbolax. Lot less headaches.


Oh yes, I know this feeling. Such a headache leading people down there who haven't done it before. Just wait until you hit the Jelly King.
Phoenixor 9th Aug 11