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The Dickery of "Teammates"

Today sucked.

I went into a dungeon run, starting on floor 2 with a group of 3. We managed to battle all the way down to floor 6, and at that point I had a TON of heat built up.

Then one of our group members decides to leave right out of nowhere, and the other 2 decide to activate one of the bonus arena gates.

I warned him that it was his funeral. He replied "yours too X3".

In retrospect, this should've been my big red flag.

We managed to get through the first 2 waves of the groups, each of us having died only once. We then started on the 3rd wave. Things promptly got worse from there.

My two teammates, after being killed, don't have the courtesy to wait for me to revive them. Instead they both fucking ditch me, leaving me to struggle to take on the third wave all by myself.

I tried putting up a valiant effort, but even though I managed to kill about 7 of the monsters in that wave, it was just too much. I was gang-raped by nothing but spiked slimes.

At this point, I had lost too much energy to revive by myself, and ended up losing the TON of heat that I had gained through my journeys. As a result, my entire run on that floor might as well have been pointless... and it was all thanks to rotten cowards that I had for "teammates".

I hope they burn in the depths of the Clockworks.