A return to the good ol' hack-n-slash... Let's Play Spiral Knights!


Conquering the Bonus Arena

So today, I got a full energy bar. I hopped on and went on a run with that friend I mentioned earlier in the blog (goes by Artwood). We came across one of the 3-energy gates. This one led to one of the many bonus arenas that the game has the chance to randomly decide whether or not a floor has. The idea is that you attempt to survive 4 increasingly-hard waves of enemies to gain great rewards, mainly tokens to trade in the token shop, and loads of cash and heat.

He figured that, since it was only the first level, we would have a fighting chance here.

Well... we did, but at the cost of both of us dying once. XD

The only reason that we didn't die any more than that was because he had decided to dump money into his account and buy stuff. The result was that he had a bunch of Mist Tanks (full energy refill), and all 3 weapon slots unlocked. He had 2-star weapons all around, one of which he abused greatly in this fight: his Freeze Blast.

For those of you who don't understand, here's the basics: A charged attack for bombs allows you to set them down like a mine. They end up having a greater blast radius as a result, and with a status-effect bomb, the effect constantly hits the targets within the radius until the blast fades away after about 6 seconds. Combined with my heavy-hitting Hatchet, which had massive knockback at the cost of low speed and only a 2-hit combo, we were able to tear through the waves with relative ease.

Afterwards, we kept journeying further down, later joined by my girlfriend (goes by Jennytablina). We reach floor 6, and after we clear out the majority of the map we come across another bonus arena gate.

Artwood, thinking that the arena could be cleared easily with the increased muscle of a 3-person team, opens the gate and we charge through.

The result... to pardon my language, it was a massive clusterfuck. The waves all had Wolvers that were immune to the Freeze Blast, not to mention Gremlins that were all tough. The second through last waves had healing Gremlins... and the last two waves both had bomb-tossing Gremlins.

It was just an utter nightmare. All of us died at least three times, and the only reason Jennytablina and I were able to revive was because of Artwood's spare Mist Tanks, but the reward was so worth the effort.

Afterwards, I was completely spent for energy, but I managed to have enough Crowns to buy three more recipes and craft two more swords. Now it's just a matter of waiting for the energy I need to do some more dungeon-crawling and crafting.

The journey continues...