A return to the good ol' hack-n-slash... Let's Play Spiral Knights!


More crafting, more purchases, more upgrades! More more more!

It's been 3 more days, and I have been busy in-game. Found out that it only takes roughly 12 hours to get back to full energy, so I'm not quite as mad at the Anti Poop-Socking method as I was initially.

However, with the help of friends and with plenty of tier 1 runs, I've been fortunate enough to get lots of money and materials for crafting!

What I did in sequence:

7/18/2011: Did a dungeon run with another friend. Got plenty of recipes, and had plenty of money to spend afterwards thanks to a treasure vault spawn! So I stocked up on cheap equipment in the stores. The result - two more recipes for 2-star items, and plenty of 1-star equipment to level up in the dungeon runs. Also, for anyone curious, I'll give an equipment list at the end of this update

7/19/2011: Did another dungeon run, this time with a different group. However, ended up only having enough energy to do 3 floors, because I was planning on crafting a 2-star item this day... which I did. Say hello to the Calibur! Granted, I'm working on leveling up my 1-star equipment first before I work on my 2-star stuff, but SO looking forward to it.

7/20/2011: Did an individual dungeon run earlier today. Had a full energy bar, so I took advantage of this and crafted another 2-star item. As a result, I now have a Cobalt Helm, but like I said, waiting until I level up my 1-star equipment before I touch it.

And with that out of the way, we are caught up. If there's anyone interested in playing and helping me out, I go by nomuru2d on Steam, Jameth in-game. Got voice-chat as well, so don't be surprised if I spend a lot of time talking instead of typing.

EQUIPMENT LIST (grouped by item type):

Beast Basher Level 1, Calibur Level 1, Hatchet Level 1, Heavy Hatched Level 1, Hot Edge Level 10, Proto Sword Level 10, Slime Slasher Level 4

Blaster Level 6 (first crafted 2-star item), Proto Gun Level 10, Punch Gun Level 6, Stun Gun Level 1, Zapper Level 10

Cobalt Helm Level 1, Cyclops Cap Level 1, Mining Hat Level 7 (equipped), Spiral Sallet Level 10 (costume)

Circuit Breaker Armor Level 10 (equipped), Spiral Brigandine Level 10 (costume)

Iron Buckler Level 7 (equipped), Proto Shield Level 10


...What does the game use for voice chat? Does it have it's own internal system, does it tie in to Steam's voice chat functions, or does it require you to use something like Vent?
Hunter1 20th Jul 11
The game usually allows you to use whatever microphone you have installed or plugged in at the time, but only in dungeons. Thank god for that, too, because otherwise you'd be overcome by all the noise that would more-than-likely surface in the Auction Houses.
nomuru2d 20th Jul 11