A return to the good ol' hack-n-slash... Let's Play Spiral Knights!


Progress - slow-yet-steady!

Got to play a little bit more today. Had enough energy to go with a group and take on a whole tier 1 run, and did it without dying. Ended up having enough crowns afterwards to buy and learn a bunch of recipes, and craft my first level 2 item!

So the level progression... It's randomized from a few rooms depending on what depth you're at, and what's in each room depends on how many minerals of each type you decide to donate when the time comes. As a result, nobody ends up having the same experience twice.

Case in point, instead of going into the woods for depths 5-7, the group I was with went through an abandoned city, with a glorious treasure vault at the end. It was beautiful. : D

Well, one step closer to unlocking tier 2. Just gotta keep at it...


Cool! Great work on your accomplishments.

By the way, what tier 2 item did you craft? And what equipment are you currently using? I'm asking so that I can give you some suggestions for progression. Also, I recommend that you upgrade your Weapon(s) and Shield before your Armor and Helm. This is because stronger Weapon(s) allow you to kill enemies faster, and stronger shields allow you to block even more damage AKA give the shield more strength. Remember, prevention is better than cure. Or in this case, avoiding the damage (by using the shield) is better than reducing it (by using armor).

Lastly, if you wish, I can assist you on your journies. Send Verdil (my user name there) a friend request and you are all set.
Delvarian 19th Jul 11
Whooops! Almost forgot to say this but, what are your preferred playing times? I can hopefully assist you this way.
Delvarian 19th Jul 11
I usually play in the evenings Monday through Friday, and anytime I feel like it on the weekends.
nomuru2d 20th Jul 11