Ein Draft von Feuer Emblem

Jonnas N

Letztes Kapitel: Licht

And now, the final battle...I tackled this chapter in a different way than usual, and it was quite fun.

Namely, I actually opened most of the doors myself, with Door Keys I had lying around. Uhai and Kenneth were the only ones who opened by themselves.

To face everyone and defeat them quickly, I used Teleport (only twice, as it turned out) and Bolting for support (Athos can use it, you know). Upon closer combat, I used Luna (with both Athos and Canas) and the Brave Weapons (these guys are fast and resilient).

Sain, Harken and Isadora quickly dispatched Uhai and his snipers (these guys can't be countered easily, so this blitzkrieg was necessary) and got his Geistespfeil (Mind Arrow).

Florina quickly opened the door with Jerme and Ursula inside and readied her Spear. Ursula put quite a dent on the pegasus knight, but she eventually preserved and claimed the Excalibur tome.

Hector opened the eastern doorway, and took a couple of turns to dispatch the highly resistent Darin (would've taken longer without the trusty Wolfbeil) and claim the majestic Rex Hasta.

Oswin opened the western doorway and faced Brendan Reed with his Brave Axe. Quite the fearsome foe, Brendan was actually the only enemy in the entire game who managed to kill Oswin, causing me to restart (In fact, it was because of this strength that Oswin had to wait a turn for Ursula to die before opening the door). Brendan eventually fell, and his Basilikos with him.

Athos and Canas, while using Teleport and Bolting, managed to reach the northwestern square in time for it to open, and destroy the sorcerers within (including Kenneth, and someone who I personally assume to be Teodor) and claim to themselves the Luce and Phantom tomes.

[Fun Fact: "Gespenst" means "Ghost" in German, namely, the scary and haunt-y type. The way they changed the tome's name in German makes perfect sense]

Meanwhile, Sain, Isadora and Harken moved north and opened the door to the Reed Brothers. With some help from the outside, they managed to weaken the brothers for Harken to finish off with his Brave Blade (Personally, I think I could've saved a turn here, but it depended far too much on luck). Lloyd's Königsklinge (King Blade) was claimed.

And so, the door to Nergal was opened. Athos immediately blitzed the Berserk Druid and Canas teleported Hector there. Hector could injure Nergal prematurely, here, but after considering my options carefully, I decided to not gamble Hector's fate, and held back for a turn, before attacking with everyone available. I did well, since Nergal fell in that one turn, anyway (despite the fearsome power of his Ereshkigal). It came down to Hector der Herrscher, versus Nergal der Geomant, and Hector's Armads proved to be stronger.

It is at this point that Nergal called the dragons. I usually find this final battle a bore (with Luna/Armads, then healing, then repeating...), but since I actually tried to finish this quickly, I actually had to improvise a few solutions, instead of playing it safe.

Canas and Athos quickly attacked the Dragon with Luna, and were rescue chained away from the range of both the Firetongue and the Bolting guy. Hector stands near the Dragon (with buddies Oswin and Florina nearby, offering support), takes the Firetongue like a man and strikes back. In the second turn, I can now choose to finish the battle as I please, so Canas heals Hector and he strikes the final blow on the Dragon!

MVP: Athos (though Canas and Hector were perfectly good contenders)

Turns: 5 + 2

And thus, my draft run is finally over. I'll post the overall thoughts and results in the final liveblog installment.