Ein Draft von Feuer Emblem

Jonnas N

Kapitel 32x - Der Wert des Lebens

Well, like before, this is a chapter where the Warp Staff (called "Teleport" in German) was vital for its strategy. So here was the course of action:

Hector moves next to Canas (who starts right outside of Kishuna's Seal) and equips the Tomahawk he got back at "Der Berserker". Canas teleports him right next to Kishuna. The moment this happens, the door automatically opens, and 4 Berserkers and 2 Snipers appear out of nowhere, hungry for blood!

(By the way, Florina tried to take this brief opprtunity to thank Hector for his help back at "Edeldame von Caelin". However, she's too shy, and couldn't even say anything before Hector was teleported (Support Level up!))

There is a spot where one can attack the General guarding the door through a wall. I position Harken there with a Lichtklinge (Light Brand) as a "buffer" of sorts. This way, some enemies will be drawn to him, and won't break Hector's Tomahawk. Meanwhile, Oswin positions himself next to Canas.

During the enemies turn, Hector gains two tremendous level ups! Plus, the area is cleared enough to make room for our next teleportee: Oswin.

Hector moves out of the way and hits Kishuna with his Tomahawk (Fun fact: it was the strongest, and one of the most accurate weapons he had). Oswin moves in for the kill with what is actually the perfect item for this sort of situation: a Brave Lance. Kishuna is insanely fast, but Oswin manages to hit him twic-dang, he missed the second hit :(

No biggie, I knew Kishuna could dodge things easily. Canas takes this 3rd turn to use Hammerne on the Teleport Staff. Sure, it had 2 uses left, but I sure may need all 5 in the Final chapter!

Hector uses his Iron Blade on a mook to level up once again, and Oswin finishes off Kishuna with the Brave Lance.

And now, for my personal theory about Kishuna. I don't think Kishuna is supposed to resemble Renault's friend. What I think is that Nergal created Kishuna back when he started to experiment with Quintessence and Morphs.

Kishuna's emotions and respective ability to learn and grow mentally were his special features, as opposed to morphs like Ephidel, Limstella and Sonya, who were given beauty, powerful magic and basic, one-dimensional personalities specifically for their missions. Basically, Kishuna was just as valuable as, if not moreso than, the others, requiring around the same amount of quintessence to create.

In the flashback we see in this chapter, Nergal looks back on Kishuna, (after going insane with Quintessence and Dark Magic) and calls him a failure because he sees no use in a morph with free will and a lack of superhuman abilities. He acts as if he's saying "What was I thinking when I made this?", because his insane self can't even comprehend why someone would attempt to create life for the sake of it.

Thus, Kishuna wanders around, occasionally trying to hamper Nergal's plans, but generally just trying to find a purpose for himself. Maybe he never wanted to attack Eliwood's group in the first place, but they assumed he was just another one of Nergal's goons. Maybe violence was the only way he knew of making some sort of human contact. Maybe he simply wanted to die. Who knows?

Total Turns: 3

MVP: Oswin


Hector - Level 10 - A Axte, C Schwerte

KP - 55

Stärke - 24

Fähigkeit - 18

Geschwindigkeit - 21

Glück - 9

Verteidigung - 25

Resistenz - 12

Oswin - Level 20 - S Lanzen, A Axte

KP - 59

Stärke - 29 (Capped)

Fähigkeit - 21

Geschwindigkeit - 18

Glück - 15

Verteidigung - 30 (Capped)

Resistenz - 18

Florina - Level 20 - S Lanzen, C Schwerte

KP - 47

Stärke - 23 (Capped)

Fähigkeit - 25 (Capped)

Geschwindigkeit - 28 (Capped)

Glück - 30 (Capped)

Verteidigung - 8

Resistenz - 20

Sain - Level 20 - S Lanzen, B Schwerten, B Axte

KP - 50

Stärke - 25 (Capped)

Fähigkeit - 18

Geschwindigkeit - 24 (Capped)

Glück - 17

Verteidigung - 15

Resistenz - 8

Canas - Level 20 - S Dunkle Magie, A Stäbe

KP - 48

Magische Kraft - 24

Fähigkeit - 23

Geschwindigkeit - 20

Glück - 16

Verteidigung - 21 (Capped)

Resistenz - 24

Isadora - Level 20 - A Schwerten, A Lanzen, B Axte

KP - 48

Stärke - 21

Fähigkeit - 20

Geschwindigkeit - 25 (Capped)

Glück - 21

Verteidigung - 12

Resistenz - 11

Harken - Level 20 - B Schwerten, S Axte

KP - 50

Stärke - 24

Fähigkeit - 28

Geschwindigkeit - 21

Glück - 16

Verteidigung - 16

Resistenz - 11

Athos - Level 20 - S Anima Magie, S Dunkle Magie, S Licht Magie, S Stäbe

KP - 40

Magische Kraft - 30 (Capped)

Fähigkeit - 24

Geschwindigkeit - 20

Glück - 25

Verteidigung - 20 (Capped)

Resistenz - 28

Thoughts: Well, then. Hector managed to get the power boost he needed, and the rest of the team looks pretty powerful. Are they powerful enough dudes to stand up to Nergal and the morphed bosses?

We shall find out, in the Final Chapter.


Nergal is going to summon dragons to take over the world. Are Hector and his friends bad enough dudes to stop him?

Sorry, your "thoughts" section made me think of that, and I couldn't resist.

Anyways, quite the nice read, and I enjoyed your theory on Kishuna! I like the different take on it, since it provides another way of looking at the poor old morph.
Alfric 23rd Dec 11
Eh, I knew I heard similar phrasing somewhere, but for some reason, didn't remember the Bad Dudes :P 'Twas pretty late when I wrote it.
JonnasN 27th Dec 11