Ein Draft von Feuer Emblem

Jonnas N

Kapitel 29 - Rad des Schicksals

The weakness of enemies is more relevant than ever in this chapter. I brought a Barrier and Pure Waters, expecting to see fearsome mages and stat-inducing spells, but Normal Mode provides nothing of the sort.

The mounted units (Florina, Sain and Isadora) went west and dealt with things there. Florina picked up the Teleport (Warp) staff, while Fiora took care of buying a Flux and Iron Swords. However, I now realise the severe lack of Hand Axes in my inventory (I saved an entire one for Hector, since he'll need it next chapter, but the others are breaking fast). Thank god for Javelins, and the multiple spears, at least.

Anyway, Hector, Oswin, Harken and Canas went northwest. Canas used staves whenever possible, while Harken unleashed that Hammer on unsuspecting Generals.

You might notice I didn't go straight north. This is because doing so triggers reinforcements in the northernmost part of the map, and I'm trying to save time here.

Overall, things went smoothly, with Harken and Isadora shining among their respective groups (Harken took a vicious Berserker Swordslayer to the face, shrugged it off, and responded with a critical hit from his Steel Sword. Damn!)

Hector also got to fight, and break a few leftover Steel Axes I had lying around (Also, he got the Boots. Hector is a lord, and he'll always need to reach the boss/throne quicker than others).

Isadora killed Linus by herself, which surprised me. She managed to Silver Sword him 4 times in a row with a 65% chance to hit, and then finished him with a couple of blows from a Javelin...that had 45% of hitting. My plan was for Sain to deal the finishing blow, but Isadora isn't someone you can just mess with, apparently.

Vaida was recruited, and Florina went to kill the remaining Wyverns by herself. Mistake on my part, however, she landed on that northern part to do so...and the northern reinforcements arrived. I wasted one more turn cleaning that up.

And then, Hector promoted...to Herrscher! Finally, I say! Then again, story-wise, it makes way more sense for him to do it when Castle Ositia is being raided by Denning, since that's around the time he learns of Uther's death, and realises his new responsibilities.

Total Turns: 11

MVP: The Battle Couple


Hector - Level 1 - A Axte, D Schwerte

KP - 40

Stärke - 19

Fähigkeit - 15

Geschwindigkeit - 13

Glück - 9

Verteidigung - 21

Resistenz - 11

Oswin - Level 16 - S Lanzen, B Axte

KP - 57

Stärke - 29 (Capped)

Fähigkeit - 21

Geschwindigkeit - 15

Glück - 14

Verteidigung - 30 (Capped)

Resistenz - 16

Florina - Level 20 - S Lanzen, C Schwerte

KP - 47

Stärke - 23 (Capped)

Fähigkeit - 25 (Capped)

Geschwindigkeit - 28 (Capped)

Glück - 30 (Capped)

Verteidigung - 8

Resistenz - 20

Sain - Level 18 - A Lanzen, B Schwerten, B Axte

KP - 48

Stärke - 25 (Capped)

Fähigkeit - 18

Geschwindigkeit - 23

Glück - 17

Verteidigung - 13

Resistenz - 7

Canas - Level 14 - S Dunkle Magie, B Stäbe

KP - 44

Magische Kraft - 23

Fähigkeit - 21

Geschwindigkeit - 18

Glück - 14

Verteidigung - 16

Resistenz - 22

Isadora - Level 20 - A Schwerten, A Lanzen, C Axte

KP - 48

Stärke - 21

Fähigkeit - 20

Geschwindigkeit - 25 (Capped)

Glück - 21

Verteidigung - 12

Resistenz - 11

Harken - Level 19 - B Schwerten, A Axte

KP - 49

Stärke - 23

Fähigkeit - 27

Geschwindigkeit - 20

Glück - 16

Verteidigung - 16

Resistenz - 11

Thoughts: Now that Hector is promoted, and Canas verges ever so closely to Staff mastery. What could go wrong? I suppose our next chapter will tell us...