Ein Draft von Feuer Emblem

Jonnas N

Kapitel 28 - Kampf in der Dämmerung

Phew, it's been a while. To answer a couple of questions:

@Alfric: I don't know if you checked my response a while ago, but the Light Brand is Lichtklinge (Light Blade) in German. Fairly generic, unfortunately.

@Montagohalcyon: Those wyverns are the same with me, flocking by the castle, not attacking on their own. They're one of the reasons why I consider Unfulfilled Heart to be the most boring chapter in the game.

Now, for the actual chapter...

I start by noticing that everyone except Canas and Florina use Hand Axes in my team. This has caused an unexpected shortage of Wurfbeile, and worse, the Langspeere (Javelins) are also in low number. Got to start thinking about restocking...

As you know, there are two entries to the manse. Sain and Florina took the western route (as it is longer and less defended), while the other draftees went east (where there are more enemies)

I also brought with me Matthew (for pilfering and torching), Legault (torching only), as well as Heath, Fiora, Lowen, Kent and Rath (all for item-carrying). It's not that I needed that many items, it's just that it makes things easier, should I need to split the team further.

Sain and Florina had an easy time in that corridor. So easy, I don't think Sain was even needed (what is it with his tendency to be entirely shafted in certain maps?). Florina attracted most enemies, and killed them with ease. Matthew eventually pilfered the chests on that side.

In the eastern route, careful planning was needed, so that my undraftees wouldn't be attacked. The Battle Couple got to shine, as they managed to take care of almost everything, with Oswin sweeping the leftovers. Canas kept using Öffner (Opener a.k.a. Unlock) and Pflege (Care a.k.a. Mend) whenever possible.

Jaffar had little trouble by himself. Florina was the first one to get there, just in time to face a few archers... Thankfully, Florina is now nimble enough that she dodged almost everything.

On the other side, a Weihwasser (Holy Water) was used on Hector, Oswin and Harken, as they all got into Ursula's range at one point. Oswin simply walked there and killed the Heavy-Tome-wielding-Valkyrie.

Hector managed to talk with Nino, who in turn talked with Jaffar. Not that it was urgent, I had the map cleared by Turn 10 and a Chest Key was used on the remaining chests.

Harken took a Göttin (Goddess [Icon]) that I had lying around for luck, because he decided to take this quiet moment to talk with his wife. Harken, how could you? ;( You made Isadora cry for weeks with your foolishly reckless behaviour! (Support level up! Talking about your issues works, people!)

After the battle, I was able to see that German Limstella is harsher and more cruel than her English counterpart.

"Ursula...It seems your pathetic, rotten soul is already removed from your body..."

Harsh, yet true. Fitting of a morph.

Total Turns: 16 (Defend shenanigans...)

MVP: Florina


Hector - Level 20 - A Axte

KP - 37

Stärke - 19

Fähigkeit - 13

Geschwindigkeit - 10

Glück - 9

Verteidigung - 20

Resistenz - 6

Oswin - Level 11 - S Lanzen, C Axte

KP - 52

Stärke - 27

Fähigkeit - 19

Geschwindigkeit - 14

Glück - 12

Verteidigung - 28

Resistenz - 14

Florina - Level 14 - S Lanzen, D Schwerte

KP - 41

Stärke - 23 (Capped)

Fähigkeit - 25 (Capped)

Geschwindigkeit - 27

Glück - 27

Verteidigung - 8

Resistenz - 17

Sain - Level 12 - B Lanzen, B Schwerten, C Axte

KP - 44

Stärke - 25 (Capped)

Fähigkeit - 18

Geschwindigkeit - 21

Glück - 16

Verteidigung - 12

Resistenz - 7

Canas - Level 10 - S Dunkle Magie, D Stäbe

KP - 40

Magische Kraft - 21

Fähigkeit - 19

Geschwindigkeit - 18

Glück - 14

Verteidigung - 14

Resistenz - 19

Isadora - Level 13 - A Schwerten, A Lanzen, C Axte

KP - 43

Stärke - 18

Fähigkeit - 18

Geschwindigkeit - 21

Glück - 18

Verteidigung - 11

Resistenz - 9

Harken - Level 10 - B Schwerten, B Axte

KP - 40

Stärke - 22

Fähigkeit - 21

Geschwindigkeit - 18

Glück - 14

Verteidigung - 15

Resistenz - 11

Thoughts: Ah, Florina, you've come such a long way from the time you could barely hold an Iron Lance... Meanwhile, Canas is nearing a C Rank in Staves, and the Battle Couple are really pushing their way around.


The difficulty for me on Unfulfilled Heart is stealing the Knight Crest. Also, because I expect the heaviest attack to be near my lords (you'd think I would learn...), I tend to get overwhelmed in the southern area.

I've still never recruited Harken, because I like the challenge of opening all the doors in time. Looks like he's doing well for you though.
montagohalcyon 7th Oct 11
Hm, I tend to forget about that Knight's Crest. I usually don't need it by that point. But the fact that the north is actually a pretty safe area pisses me off, it really should be an attack from all fronts, but instead the enemies will avoid attacking whenever possible.

As for Harken... I tend to rarely recruit him, too :P You know, he requires me to be incompetent and such... Karel is awesome (plot-wise), but Harken is definitely more useful, thanks to axes. No doubt, he'll be great support for Oswin in Cog of Destiny. And the Brave Sword will definitely help against Mr.No-Criticals, Linus.
JonnasN 7th Oct 11