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Ein Draft von Feuer Emblem
Jonnas N

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Kapitel 23 - Die Lebende Legende
Urgh, this was annoying. For a number of reasons...

Hector, Oswin, Sain and Isadora are absolutely useless in the sand. Thus, the latter three cleared the enemies up north in two/three turns and never did anything noteworthy again. Hector just recruited Hawkeye and chilled in his shadow.

That leaves Florina and Canas to take care of the western area. And there are archers there. And Canas is slower than the campy warriors. And Florina has to rely on an Axtmeister. And Pent is there, in my desert, stealing my exp...

And did I mention that there are items to retrieve? And only Matthew and Legault can do it reliably? At least Fiora and Heath can carry them, but the enemies didn't make this easy...

Anyhoo, I needed to deal with that, and deal with it I did. Apparently, the archers were weak enough to not kill Florina, so she managed to get by and kill a bunch of stuff surprisingly well.

Canas went straight for Jasmine and killed him(?), thanks to Pent's intervention. That son(?) of a bitch even managed to double Canas, sturdy bastard(?).

Florina, Canas and Pent quickly met at the central part of the map. Canas healed both, and Florina lured Paul and the Wyvern Knights. Canas also took that kill, thanks to a critical Nosferatu (An attempt to heal himself turned into a 1-hit KO. Canas never ceases to impress me)

The thieves managed to sneakily loot a few items from the sand: Body Ring, Light Brand, Ocean Seal and Eclipse. Skipped those I couldn't/needn't grab.

Eventually, Pent got the last kill. He was a great supporting unit, worthy of being the MVP, if only the chapter had more enemies.

Total Turns: 6

MVP: Canas/Florina


Hector - Level 20 - A Axte

KP - 37

Stärke - 19

Fähigkeit - 13

Geschwindigkeit - 10

Glück - 9

Verteidigung - 20

Resistenz - 6

Oswin - Level 5 - A Lanzen, D Axte

KP - 46

Stärke - 23

Fähigkeit - 18

Geschwindigkeit - 11

Glück - 10

Verteidigung - 24

Resistenz - 12

Florina - Level 19 - A Lanzen

KP - 27

Stärke - 12

Fähigkeit - 17

Geschwindigkeit - 18

Glück - 17

Verteidigung - 5

Resistenz - 12

Sain - Level 17 - C Lanzen, C Schwerten

KP - 33

Stärke - 18

Fähigkeit - 11

Geschwindigkeit - 15

Glück - 11

Verteidigung - 10

Resistenz - 4

Canas - Level 3 - A Dunkle Magie, E Stäbe

KP - 35

Magische Kraft - 19

Fähigkeit - 16

Geschwindigkeit - 14

Glück - 11

Verteidigung - 13

Resistenz - 14

Isadora - Level 2 - A Schwerten, B Lanzen, D Axte

KP - 35

Stärke - 14

Fähigkeit - 13

Geschwindigkeit - 16

Glück - 11

Verteidigung - 8

Resistenz - 6

Thoughts: I do not regret using that Speedwing on Florina, she got so little speed... Anyway, I can't really evaluate my units' strength, the enemies are too weak. Let's see if things pick up in our next chapter: "Mit Zähnen & Klauen - With Teeth and Claws"
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