Ein Draft von Feuer Emblem

Jonnas N

Kapitel 19 - Die Insel des Grauens

The RNG was out for me once again, but me dancing around the enemy AI made up for it.

Kent and Lowen were tasked with shielding Merlinus. In retrospect, a third person wouldn't have hurt.

Canas and Sain (along with Dart, who had a torch) went up northeast to kill the troops there, gather a few items (including Nosferatu) and, most importantly, lure the Longbow nomad upwards. I couldn't have him there.

Oswin, Hector, Matthew and Florina went for the forts. That positioning was necessary so that Florina could then pick up Oswin and carry him to the frontlines. Not an easy task, since she was attacked by two cavaliers on the way. I had to lure the Longbow nomad away, just so I could create a safe spot for landing, near the thief. The enemy AI moves cavaliers before thieves, so Florina escaped slaughter. Also, she shrugged off the monk's magic easily.

Oswin also landed in a good spot to lure Uhai's Nomad bodyguards, and respond with his Javelin. Him and Florina finished them off one turn later. At this point, Oswin was two turns away from reaching Uhai.

What about the cavaliers? Weren't they on Florina's tail? Not if Hector can help it. Despite Matthew attracting enemy units away from Hector, he was still able to finish them off without too much trouble.

Meanwhile, Sain and Canas killed a bunch of Nomads and Peg Knights on the northern side of things. Fiora appeared at some point and helped them, though Sain rescued her before she got herself killed. Dart mostly kept watch, but he was also manly enough to take a few blows himself.

Oswin finally reached Uhai, and hit him with the Rittertod, taking a good chunk of life. Uhai's Schnitter could only cause 3 damage. Oswin laughs in the face of nomads.

If Oswin had hit twice in a row, I would've finished by Turn 6. At the same time, I'm glad he didn't, because Fiora hadn't been recruited yet.(Also, I actually forgot to check the number of turns, but retracing Oswin's steps was easy.)

By defeating Uhai, Oswin earned his rightful promotion to General.

Total Turns: 7

MVP: Oswin


Hector - Level 19 - A Axte

KP - 36

Stärke - 18

Fähigkeit - 13

Geschwindigkeit - 10

Glück - 8

Verteidigung - 20

Resistenz - 6

Oswin - Level 1 - A Lanzen, E Axte

KP - 42

Stärke - 20

Fähigkeit - 17

Geschwindigkeit - 11

Glück - 9

Verteidigung - 21

Resistenz - 11

Florina - Level 12 - C Lanzen

KP - 22

Stärke - 9

Fähigkeit - 13

Geschwindigkeit - 13

Glück - 13

Verteidigung - 5

Resistenz - 9

Sain - Level 12 - C Lanzen, D Schwerten

KP - 29

Stärke - 14

Fähigkeit - 9

Geschwindigkeit - 12

Glück - 7

Verteidigung - 9

Resistenz - 4

Canas - Level 12 - B Dunkle Magie

KP - 25

Magische Kraft - 13

Fähigkeit - 12

Geschwindigkeit - 8

Glück - 7

Verteidigung - 8

Resistenz - 8

Thoughts: Oswin's speed is now on "normal" levels! Sain is still pretty solid (giggity). Florina is slightly better now, but she's lagging behind in Speed. I can't believe that she is the one who's getting the Speedwing... Canas is also slightly behind in speed, but for him it's not that serious, as he doesn't need it as much, nor is it hard for him to catch up.