Ein Draft von Feuer Emblem

Jonnas N

Kapitel 17 - Verbleib Unbekannt

This chapter, despite being a bit long, went surprisingly well. Except for a couple of details.

The combined might of my 4 characters makes quick work of the first few enemies (including the left archer. Nice going, Sain)

The following wave fell quickly, too (thanks to Florina manning up against bows. Dodging a nomad arrow and countering with a critical? Boss)

Oswin couldn't keep up, so he accompanied Matthew to the chests on the left, along with Kent&Lowen. Turns out, all this entourage wasn't needed, once the door opened, the archer preferred to hit Hector across the northern wall, while Matthew pilfered the coffers literally behind the man's back.

"A distraction!" thought Oswin. He hurried back as quickly as he could in his tiny legs, but he couldn't arrive in time: Merlinus had fallen, prey to an ambush. Thankfully, he had an escape route planned out, we'll be seeing him again.

Matthew, at this point, took a ride in Kent's horse upwards, he needed to reach those chests in time. He had time to pick one: Silver Sword or Knight's Crest? The choice was obvious, as he took the coat of arms (while discarding an old and withered lockpick)

Meanwhile, Priscilla found her long-lost sibling, who spoke with Lucius, the Caelin soldiers were freed and were kept safe...Everything went smoothly there.

In the frontlines, Hector found a Hammer. An excellent replacement for the Wolfbeil, which is growing fragile. With it, he smashed Bernard and took the throne.

Sain and Florina turned out to be stellar partners. There were times I wished the Panzerspeer was there, but things worked out pretty well.

Also, Hector killed enough to be the MVP, but this time, it's not him. Sain was more than competent in battle, but he also took more hits, and weakened several enemies for Florina to finish (which Hector is incapable of doing). All while he was taking Vulneraries and almost dying on a couple of occasions. Hector smashed and kept advancing, but Sain was the better team player.

Total Turns: 12

MVP: Sain


Hector - Level 18 - A Axte

KP - 35

Stärke - 17

Fähigkeit - 12

Geschwindigkeit - 10

Glück - 8

Verteidigung - 20

Resistenz - 6

Oswin - Level 16 - A Lanzen

KP - 34

Stärke - 16

Fähigkeit - 13

Geschwindigkeit - 6

Glück - 7

Verteidigung - 18

Resistenz - 6

Florina - Level 9 - D Lanzen

KP - 20

Stärke - 8

Fähigkeit - 12

Geschwindigkeit - 12

Glück - 11

Verteidigung - 5

Resistenz - 8

Sain - Level 8 - C Lanzen, D Schwerten

KP - 26

Stärke - 12

Fähigkeit - 6

Geschwindigkeit - 9

Glück - 6

Verteidigung - 8

Resistenz - 2

Thoughts: Finally, Oswin got some speed! Florina is growing surprisingly quickly. Sain is a bit low on skill, but it's a minor problem .