Ein Draft von Feuer Emblem

Jonnas N

Kapitel 16 - Edeldame von Caelin

Gah, such an annoying chapter. Why RNG, why do you force me to take a less efficient path?

First thing I did was shopping with Lyn and Wil. Gotta love how anything they buy is teleported to Merlinus. And how they have our money (didn't even need to sell my Wasser Juwel, that is, the Water Jewel/Blue Gem)

With a new shiny Steel Lance, Oswin OHKO'd the southern mercs. Hector, meanwhile, took care of the Pegasus knights. Sain, meanwhile, valiantly held his own against the mercs and myrmidon on his side, thanks to Kent's clever weapon trading.

This is when it starts getting tricky. Florina rescued and quickly carried Hector across the mountains to save several turns. Unfortunately, Florina is weak and underleveled, and keeping her alive proves to be a pain. Thankfully, Hector cuts through their lines like butter, giving Florina some room to breathe.

Sain tried to help Florina, and this was a mistake. His javelin couldn't hit a thing and, it turns out, Florina would've lived just fine by herself. Plus, this also means Sain couldn't visit the southern village before Turn 8. Which sucks, because the Heavy Spear is called Panzerspeer (which doesn't mean "Tank Spear", as I thought, but "Armour Spear". Still a pretty cool name)

Oswin, meanwhile, did what he could. Killed the thief after Matthew stole his lockpick, and pilfered some girl's wedding jewel. A Feuer Juwel, no less. He then killed the bandits, because he felt bad.

All in all, Hector easily reached Bauker and Wolfbeil'd him, seizing afterwards.

I did try to redo this, not sending Sain northwards. I got the Panzerspeer, killed all the bandits, got some decent level ups, Florina held her own (because, without Sain, the enemies tried to murder my Defence-blessed Hector, who took none of that shit) and all enemies on the map were killed, giving much experience. Except for a lone mage, with 2 HP, hiding in a fort. A mage that dodged a 75% hit Slim Lance, and murdered Florina with a 65% hit chance. Fuck the RNG. Enraged, I gave up this option and went with the old one.

Total Turns: 8

MVP: Hector


Hector - Level 16 - A Axte

KP - 33

Stärke - 15

Fähigkeit - 12

Geschwindigkeit - 9

Glück - 8

Verteidigung - 19

Resistenz - 5

Oswin - Level 15 - A Lanzen

KP - 34

Stärke - 15

Fähigkeit - 12

Geschwindigkeit - 5

Glück - 7

Verteidigung - 18

Resistenz - 6

Florina - Level 5 - D Lanzen

KP - 19

Stärke - 6

Fähigkeit - 10

Geschwindigkeit - 10

Glück - 9

Verteidigung - 4

Resistenz - 6

Sain - Level 5 - D Lanzen, D Schwerten

KP - 23

Stärke - 10

Fähigkeit - 5

Geschwindigkeit - 7

Glück - 5

Verteidigung - 7

Resistenz - 1

Thoughts: Hector is the backbone in this team. I think Oswin is speed-screwed at this point. Florina has a looooong way to go. Sain shows potential.

And now for more German musings:

  • Horseslayer —> Rittertod (Knightdeath) . These names are so badass.
  • Hausen means Sturgeon. I was curious enough to check :P
  • "Damit" is an expression roughly meaning "of it", but I still read "Dammit" instinctively. I now read Eliwood going "What do you mean, dammit?". It will be a hard habit to lose.
  • The Lycian League is referred to as a "Bundes von Lycia" or something similar. But as far as I'm concerned, it's name is now "Bundeslycia"


I think Panzerspeer just means "armor spear". "Panzer" means "tank" because it's a contraction of "Panzerkampfwagen", "armored fighting vehicle". Which unfortunately makes the name Panzerspeer a bit less badass, but what can you do?
Glidergun 29th Jul 11
Tsk, that's what I get for quickly checking Google Translate instead of using a proper dictionary. Thanks for the clarification. If you ask me, Panzerspeer is still a pretty sweet name.

Oh, and pleased to meet you :) Didn't know there were others reading these liveblogs
JonnasN 29th Jul 11
Did you know, on every level you've completed so far you either hold the lowest turncount or tied for it? I bow to your strategic genius, sir.
montagohalcyon 29th Jul 11
Haha :D I think I picked the right characters. Where Oswin can't cut it, Florina will.

You're not too bad yourself. I noticed you had 12 turns for this one. You didn't have Florina. You also had Lyn instead of Sain, who has lances. I don't know if I could've done the mountain/forest crossing in just 4 turns with your units.
JonnasN 29th Jul 11