Ein Draft von Feuer Emblem

Jonnas N

Kapitel 13x - Merlinus, der Händler

This chapter is fairly basic, and far easier than I expected. The trickiest part was forgetting that I can rescue Merlinus. Could I do it with an undrafted unit? I don't know, but I did it with Oswin, to make sure (not to mention, the undrafted units were all rescuing themselves, to reduce numbers).

And now, since most characters did the same thing the entire time, I might as well rip a page out of Alfric's book:

Hector: Gained some experience, killed things frequently. Had to use the Wolfbeil once to one-shot a nomad (and now it's down to 10 uses. Verdammt!)

Oswin: MVP of the match. Rescued Merlinus the entire time, defended the left bridge, the western snag, the left bridge again, lit a torch and then he killed Puzon. Who was hiding in a forest. While holding Merlinus. And, presumably, the torch.

Marcus: The upstanding Rittmeister helped on the northern front, but he was busier with an equally important task: collect taxes. As feudal lords, we are entitled to them!

Matthew: Kept watch. Cheeky thief :3

Lowen&Bartre: Valiant meatshields for emergencies. Nice job, guys.

Also, something I found amusing, Hector injured a brigand in the last turn, and he ran off in his turn. The next cutscene shows a rat-faced bandit saying "I won't forget this!"

Total Turns: 8 (due to the "extra turn" thingy)

MVP: Oswin


Hector - Level 10 - B Axte

KP - 27

Stärke - 12

Fähigkeit - 9

Geschwindigkeit - 8

Glück - 6

Verteidigung - 15

Resistenz - 3

Oswin - Level 12 - B Lanzen

KP - 31

Stärke - 14

Fähigkeit - 10

Geschwindigkeit - 5

Glück - 5

Verteidigung - 16

Resistenz - 4

Thoughts:Hector is very sturdy. Oswin still needs a Speedwing.

And now, for some German musings:

-"Sacaenisch". The Germans can come up with this word, but English can't?

-German Eliwood blushes at the thought of German Lyndis.

-Eliwood (saying farewell to Merlinus): "Guten Tag, Sir". For some reason, I imagine him putting on some sexy sunglasses and walking away slowly after saying this.


Dangit, everyone so far's gotten to the boss but me. Maybe I should have sent Guy up there on the next-to-last turn after all.
montagohalcyon 14th Jul 11