Ein Draft von Feuer Emblem

Jonnas N

Kapitel 12 - Gleich und Gleich...

Unusually tricky, this chapter was. Hector moved for the northern woods with his Wurfbeil to take care of that bandit and a few Peg knights, while Oswin had Hector's back covered (not missing a single Javelin. Man, I love Oswin).

Meanwhile, Marcus the Rittmeister easily cleared the southern half of the map with nothing but axes (courtesy of the fighters). I had to skip that Secret Book, though, I had nobody to fetch it.

After the frontlines were dealt with, and only Zagan and a couple of bandits remained, Matthew moved for the armory. Marcus, being the upstanding Rittmeister that he is, took the Red Gem and went shopping himself. Two lances, two axes were enough. Also, Lowen got to buy two vulneraries.

Why did I send Marcus to do the shopping? Why, because Hector would attack Zagan and potentially critical him in this very turn. If he didn't, he and Oswin would easily kill him the next one.

...But it wasn't so simple. Hector missed with a ~60% chance of hit, but Zagan hit Hector with a ~40% chance. That's the second boss who's trolling me. When Zagan attacked the next turn (and this time, he was in a forest), he missed and I hit him. HA! :D

The very next turn, Matthew returned Marcus' weapons and is now holding all that shopping (with Serra holding Matthew's old sword). Hector's situation against Zagan seemed grim, but here comes Oswin! To save th- oh, he missed :(

It is up to Hector now. Hector must hit twice AND dodge at least once in order to kill Zagan in this turn. He could use a vulnerary, or retreat like a little girl and wait for Marcus the following turn, but German Hector runs from no foe! Hector valiantly attacks and proudly takes Zagan's counter, being left standing with 2 HP. Zagan then prepares to deal the finishing blow and...misses! Hector counters and hits, slaying Zagan by himself after a very hard-fought battle :)

Total turns: 5

MVP: Hector