hnd03 pretends he's good at video games by drafting some characters in a Fire Emblem game

hnd 03


The finale.

Priscilla killed off the top Sniper. Heath critted Uhai with his Killer Lance. Legault unlocked the left door, followed by Eliwood and Hector who entered. Athos, Wil, and Vaida went north.

Wil took down the Sage with his Silver Bow while Vaida killed the Druid with her Silver Sword. Athos attacked Kenneth with Forblaze. Eliwood weakened Brendan with his Silver Sword in a counterattack. Hector finished him with Armads. Eliwood killed the other Warrior with Durandal. Legault ran to the right door. Heath killed the remaining Sniper.

Legault opened the door and Priscilla killed both Darin and the General. Wil headed to the bottom while Vaida neared the top right door. Eliwood and Hector also proceeded in that direction. Heath moved to the center. Athos killed Kenneth.

Heath received the Rex Hasta from Priscilla and Heath gave Reinfleche to Wil. Legault unlocked the top right room and Eliwood entered with a Silver Lance. Wil placed himself above where Ursula would be as everyone went to the top.

Eliwood attacked Lloyd. Priscilla did as well from outside. Vaida tried to finish the Swordmaster, but missed. Heath rescued her before she was killed. Hector entered with the Swordslayer. Wil ORKO'd Ursula and critted Jerme on the enemy turn.

Eliwood finished off Lloyd and received the Regal Blade. Legault tried to Silencer Linus, but no luck. Hector killed him with the Swordslayer. Vaida and Heath took down Nergal's guards and Athos moved into position.

On the next turn Athos was attacked then attacked Nergal and Heath finished the job with his Rex Hasta.

7 turns.

Heath attacked the Dragon, but only scored the first of his two 8 damage hits. Eliwood doubled the Dragon for massive damage with Durandal as did Hector with Armads. Athos ended the battle with Forblaze.

1 turn.

332 turns overall, not counting 28X.