hnd03 pretends he's good at video games by drafting some characters in a Fire Emblem game

hnd 03

Chapter 31: My Favorite Chapter

I've always loved this one.

First: Placements.

Hector moved to the stairs on the right side of the throne, Eliwood, Legault, and Matthew on the other. Lyn sat on the throne like a princess. Heath, Vaida, Wil, and Priscilla were in the block at the bottom right.

E, L, and M: This group made its way down the left side of the chest room. Matthew was left at the door. He let himself in, pilfering the Dragonshield and White Gem. The two fighters of their group went along the side wall towards the chest. Despite the fact that Eliwood was infinitely more dangerous to them, most of the Morphs ignored the Assassin as he took out a Thief and took the Body Ring from the chest. When he re-entered the fray, Eliwood still managed to be the choice target. Eliwood eventually went towards the throne to let Legault fight.

Once all the chests were opened, the Thieves absconded the fuck outta there.

H: This one is simple. After taking out the first wave of Knights and Generals, Hector proceeded towards the eastern stairs to OHKO any Archer or Shaman who neared him. I'm surprised the testosterone wafting off of his muscles, Wolf Beil, and Tomahawk didn't cause those leetle baby men to shrivel up and die immediately.

The other 4: After taking out the enemies nearest the walls, the group fortified itself in the center of the hallway. Priscilla and Vaida were the main combatants. Vaida was put to sleep, but Priscilla Restored her. Wil was attacked by Denning. Wil moved out of range and used his Longbow to damage him. Priscilla used her magic from the other side of the wall to kill the boss in two turns. In hindsight, I should've waited knowing that reinforcements stop when Denning dies. Anyway, the group left the hallway and entered the main area for cleanup.

All enemies were dead by turn 10, but it ends after turn 11 so 12 turns.

Eliwood, Heath, and Wil are 20/20. Hector is 20/10. Priscilla is 20/15. Legault is 20/14. Vaida is 20/12.

I would like to salute the Ostian Knights who were slaughtered in the assault. A moment of silence please...

Thank you.