hnd03 pretends he's good at video games by drafting some characters in a Fire Emblem game

hnd 03

Chapter 29: Kill Kill Murder Die!

Priscilla was finally promoted. Yay!

Hector covered the right bridge where some of Linus' forces were coming in. Once they fell, Hector took it upon himself to sit by Merlinus for awhile.

Eliwood and Wil took the center path through the Knights and Generals. It was a lot of Curb Stomp Battles for the most part.

The only slightly interesting part was Heath's group. They headed west. Legault used his Assassin powers to kill people while Priscilla hung back for a little bit. Heath flew past them and to the shops as the other two made their way towards the Ballistae. Heath grabbed some Fire tomes and gave them to Priscilla. She proceeded to finally make things fall over. Fairly effectively at that. Heath bought some extra weapons for the group and aided them in the fighting.

On turn 9, Vaida came in and Hector recruited her. The two of them wiped the floor with the incoming Wyverns, but Merlinus ended up taking a couple of hits from the constant attacks by flying lizards. He survived though. Once that was over, Hector and Vaida (ineffectually) made their way north. Eliwood and Wil met up with Heath and Legault while Priscilla (who finally got some speed) whittled away at Linus' health. Heath took him down some and Priscilla finished him with Thunder. Little did know she could double with Fire for more overall damage.

This probably could have been shortened to "Everyone kills everything"

18 turns.

Eliwood, Hector, and Wil are level 20/20. Legault and Priscilla are level 20/9. Hector is level 20/1 after promotion. Vaida is level 20/9.