hnd03 pretends he's good at video games by drafting some characters in a Fire Emblem game

hnd 03

Chapter 24: You Know What Are Awesome? Ballistae.

I really feel stupid for thinking this chapter was hard.

Legault and Heath worked together to bring down the snag and lead the way east. Wil picked off the Wyvern Rider and Monk that attacked from behind. Hector, Eliwood, Priscilla, and Kent were in the middle. The Rider and Thief took down the Mercenary, Monk, and Bishop, while Eliwood softened up the Hero for Heath to finish off.

Heading north now, Eliwood and Hector made their way to the village and picked up an Earth Seal as well as forming a B support bond. Meanwhile, Merlinus was under attack by enemies. Eventually, the tent fell and Merlinus retreated.

Heath and Legault took on the enemies near the northeastern bridges while Wil manned the Ballista on the east bridge and fired on the Sniper, weakening him. Hector and Eliwood lead Lloyd, who had been drawing nearer, to the southern path, near the river. At the same time, Kent recruited Wallace. Wallace gave Kent both of his weapons and blocked the Chokepoint from the Brigands. When Lloyd was in range, Wil fired on him. On the third turn, Heath took the Silence Staff from the village and Wil finished off the Swordmaster.

10 turns.

Lords still level 20. Legault is level 20. Wil is level 20/7. Priscilla is level 15. Heath is level 14.