hnd03 pretends he's good at video games by drafting some characters in a Fire Emblem game

hnd 03

Chapter 23: Pent is a Kill Stealing Asshole

Pent was apparently "under attack" against "overwhelming odds"

So. Matthew pulled up the Ocean Seal right where he was standing. Hector and Eliwood were buried in the sands trying to get out. Until Hector found himself some "shade". And Hawkeye joined the fray. And by joined the fray, I mean he gave Hector his Killer Axe.

Man Pent is getting "overwhelmed"

Legault, Wil, Heath, and Priscilla fought their way through the incoming enemies. The four of them made their way north and then west towards the bandits, Hawkeye and Matthew in tow. Except Heath went towards the Body Ring until mages started getting his health low.

Hector and Eliwood took the southern path west, killing the Shamans and recovering the Body Ring.

Matthew took Filla's Might and Eclipse for his own while Legault stole the Guiding Ring and did damage to the northern Warrior. Heath attempted to finish him with his Axereaver, but missed, allowing Pent to kill him.

Legault then tried to take down the other one. But Pent went ahead and took credit for that too.

13 turns.

Lords still level 20. Priscilla is level 14. Wil is level 20/5. Legault is level 19. Heath is level 12.