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Chapter 19: Eliwood Likes to Kill Things

Very short chapter.

After depositing his stuff into Merlinus' tent, Dart began work as guard along with Kent, Lowen, and Oswin. Florina moved somewhere safe until Fiora came along. She was recruited and they went into hiding. Wil and Hector murdered everything that came near the tent while Priscilla healed. There were some scary moments, but everyone survived.

Eliwood went by himself to fight Uhai. He killed everything in his path with relative ease. That's all there really is to say.

When he went to fight Uhai, he ended up going one forest to far and was out of Longbow range. That was quickly rectified and Uhai was made vulnerable. Eliwood stabbed him a couple of times with the Killing Edge, which broke after Uhai attacked with his own. So Eliwood finished him with an Iron Sword. He received an Orion's Bolt for his trouble.

11 turns.

Hector and Eliwood are still level 20. Wil is level 14. Priscilla is level 9