hnd03 pretends he's good at video games by drafting some characters in a Fire Emblem game

hnd 03

Chapter 15: Things Really Didn't Go Anywhere

This map wasn't all that memorable. And considering I'm writing about a week after the fact there isn't going to be very much. Anyway.

Using Hector, Lowen, Oswin,and Eliwood as a wall, Matthew managed to reach the door near the chests on Turn 2 and plunder them both by Day 4. A Silver Axe and Mend Staff inside. Eliwood did some work, but eventually retreated towards the throne. Lowen tanked to help Merlinus while Priscilla kept everyone near the throne alive. Hector killed everything that came his way to the south while Marcus helped fight off the northern attackers. Sealen didn't move.

8 turns because there were survivors.

Hector is level 14, Eliwood is level 10 and Priscilla is level 4. Marcus is retired.


PROTIP: If you can, write it while you play so everything stays fresh.

Of course, Im not sure if you're emulating or not, if not, that may be harder to do since you won't always be by the computer.
Barrylocke 21st Jul 11