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Part 19 - Elite Four, Take Two.

Here we go. The Elite Four rematches. It was tempting to grind up to level 60 before doing this, but in the end I decided to go without. I'll also be using Satoko and Signum in the place of Canada and SigHansen this time around.

So, without further ado, let's get this started.

Elite Four Rematch 1 - Lorelei

ECirno goes down pretty easy to a Thunderbolt as always, but I learned from a previous attempt that EStar S can take a hit from Thunderbolt and then OHKO Athena in return with Hydro Pump. So I let Satoko handle her with Mirror Coat.

EYumemi was a pain this time around. I didn't expect her to outspeed Raymoo, so Raymoo ended up going down to a Sheer Cold. Sheer Cold seems to be an ice-type Hyper Beam in this. Athena only gets off one Fire Blast before Yumemi attacks again and uses Double Team. After that, I didn't want to try Fire Blast again and end up wasting PP. So Athena ends up slowly whittling her down instead. Her Strawberry Crisis attack is odd. It seems to freeze everytime, but it's also a fire-type attack and ends up simultaneously defrosting your touhou as a result.

After Yumemi, there was an ESakuya but she's deathly allergic to fire. Then EAlice comes out and actually manages to cause some problems. She takes out Athena with Doll SP, which is basically Spit Up and thus actually sucks. She would have taken Athena out faster with Psychic, Doll Set just wastes a turn. She also turns out to know Recover, which turns the match into a stall war with Cold Steel. Really wish I had Athena Fire Blast her from the start now instead of using Thief...

Cold Steel eventually goes down due to me not healing her, allowing Signum a free switch-in. She finishes off Alice with Signal Beam.

Incidentally, Lorelei is only one of two trainers here to acknowledge that this isn't the first time we've battled the Elite Four. The other will end up being kinda ironic given that we DIDN'T battle him last time.


Elite Four Rematch 2 - Bruno

I got lucky with that Steel Fist missing. With dark weak to steel in Touhoumon, that would have wrecked Louise C. Instead, she wrecked Meiling. As well as the ESara that followed.

EShou resisting bug-type attacks surprised me, but she still went down easily to Signum. Eventually. A combination of Dig and Signal Beam just to make sure she didn't get any Full Restores. EIchirin I briefly mistook for a flying-type, thus Athena fails to KO her and falls to a Cross Chop. Louise C. finishes the job.

Then comes ESuika, who manages to survive a Psychic to oneshot Louise C. with Superpower. Ow. I then try powering Reimu up to take her down with Rock Smash, not realizing that I could probably just use Flying Miko. She ends up going down to a crit just when she was about to finish it. Satoko takes her out instead.

Moving on.

Elite Four Rematch 3 - Agatha

I figured Agatha would use mostly dark-types again, so I lead with Signum. EYuyuko didn't seem like a threat, so I kept Signum in to slowly wear her down. Next thing I know, Signum's Mean Looked and Perish Songed. Fortunately, since I had Spider Web still, I decided to return the favor. Both our touhous go down to Perish Song as a result.

Sent Cold Steel out in Signum's place, getting the exp for the match, but then she has to retreat when ERemilia shows up. I didn't trust it to not have a fire-type attack. Athena barely survives a Demon Cradle to take her out. EShinki was next, which Cold Steel DOES take out and then picks up a new move in Sculpture. I'll be deleting Cut later. She falls to EMima afterwards, but weakens her enough for Athena to finish the job.

Finally, EFlandre. She proved to be a bit more resilient than I expected her to be, surviving a Rock Smash and nearly taking out Raymoo with Thrash. Satoko manages to finish things off by countering a Thrash back at her. Thanks to the special attack drop from Overheat, there wasn't much Flandre could do to Satoko at this point.

Elite Four Rematch 4 - Lance

Still hate EIku. She manages to deal a lot of damage to Signum with Dragon Rage, though Signum still manages to deal a fair bit of damage to her with Dig. Cold Steel finishes it with Blizzard.

EMeiling is next and doesn't even attempt a Steel Fist. Louise C. takes her down. EKanako falls to Athena's Fire Blast, eventually. ESuwako eats her own attacks thanks to Satoko's Mirror Coat. Normally I would have taken her down with a grass-type attack but I lack those in this run. Finally, ESasha goes down easily as usual to Cold Steel's Blizzard. After dealing with that goddamn Hypnosis at least.

Fairly easy battle against Lance, only losing Signum in the end. The next battle was a bit surprising though...

Elite Four Champion - Gary

Gary's back for the rematch battles apparently and acts like we've battled him before. After battling him once and losing, I decide to teach Mana Charge to Athena and try again with much better results. Though more due to playing smarter than due to Mana Charge.

On a previous attempt, EAya stalled a lot so I was hoping to power up with Mana Charge and just sweep. Turns out she wanted to go on the offense this time, so Athena just takes her down instead.

ESasha comes out next and dukes it out with Cold Steel, but never did have any chance of winning. Cold Steel blasts her with Blizzard to take her down.

ETenshi proved to be much more of a pain. Cold Steel probably could have taken her down eventually if not for that crit. I decided to send Athena in to stall a bit with Flash, only for Flash to miss. Satoko ends up taking her on instead. In the previous match, I never did spend much time healing my team so I decided to learn from that and take this opportunity to get Athena and Cold Steel back on their feet before Satoko finishes things with Counter.

Cold Steel then engages in a stall war with EParsee. Should have been an easy battle but goddamn confusion hax. Take the time to heal up Satoko at least, but damn. Cold Steel wins in the end.

EPatchouli was the one to beat me last time. Gary's final touhou, but thanks to her getting off a Calm Mind or two I just couldn't take her on. And my team was in shambles at this point because, again, I hadn't been healing them. This time around, Raymoo finishes things early with Rock Smash.

Finally, EReimu. She proves to be a pain in the ass, taking out both Raymoo and Athena with critical hits. On one hand, GODDAMNIT. On the other hand, it almost makes it seem like Cold Steel was destined to finish this fight. Once again, she takes out Gary's starter to finish the match. Having all three of them in my party, it's easy to forget that Cold Steel was the one I started with originally.

Phew. Long battle, but we won and now I have a much better Hall of Fame picture.

Next installment, back to exploring the Sevii Islands. This time with less fetch quests.


UWAH! Signum looks weird :L 12th Nov 11