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Caper Nerd

Part 13 - The many paths to Cinnabar.

So, show of hands: who ever bothers going through Seafoam Islands these days?

Not me. I'll come back for Articuno when I'm good and ready. If I'm just playing through the game I'll Fly back to Pallet Town and Surf from there, thank you very much. Less Strength-based puzzles that way.

Route 21 has nothing interesting in the water. Surfing you just encounter CKomachi with the usual incredibly random levels. They'll be anywhere from level 5 to 40. And nothing but chibi Hinas, Nitoris, and Ikus via fishing.

This route, however, is the only water route with a path of grass and also the only route where you can find a certain touhou.

Route 21 Touhous: CMystia, CChen, CMomiji, CYukari (Psychic). Level range is 17 to 28.

Yep. Yukari's gone from being an early, rare encounter teleporter to a touhou that appears uncommonly on a late game route. Still the same Yukari, though. Base 130 defenses, 40 speed, 85 in both offenses, and 90 hp. Battle Armor for an ability, which possibly makes her one of the best defensive touhous there is. It's the kind of ability that many defensive touhous wish they had since an unlucky critical hit can ruin their defenses.

Beat up all the swimmers and fishermen on this route. I think the highest level touhou I encounter on their rosters is, like, level 33. So nothing worth writing home about.

Get to Cinnabar now and... immediately leave. Because now seems like a good time to cover that cave we came through way back in Part 2. Going from Cinnabar to Fuschia...

Undersea Cave Room 2 Touhous: CRumia, CSuwako, Kisume (Water/Fire), CKoakuma, CIku, CKomachi, Suwako (Water/Ground). Level range is 22 to 30

Undersea Cave Room 3 Touhous: Koakuma (Psychic), CSuwako, Satori, CRumia, CTenshi (Rock/Ground), Tenshi (Rock/Ground), Suwako, ESuwako (Water/Ground). Level range is 24 to 30.

Undersea Cave Room 4 Touhous: CRumia, CTenshi, Kisume, CKisume, Koakuma, CSuwako. Level range is 9 to 22.

Undersea Cave Side Room Touhous:CSuwako, CTenshi, CKisume, CRumia, CNitori, Rumia (Dark), Yamame, CYuugi, Suwako. Level range is 9 to 35.

Strangely, though you can encounter touhous in the first room from Cinnabar, it doesn't have an encounter table. Also, in the water you can encounter all of Suwako's forms and, in the water in a side room, you can find Nitori, Iku, and Hina (Poison). The side room is near the Fuschia City entrance. Take the first ladder you come across.

Only new touhou here is Tenshi. For some reason. Honestly, an undersea cave is the last place I would have expected to find her...

Tenshi is a pretty good defensive touhou. Base 80 hp, 120 defense and 100 special defense. With 100 attack and STAB ground and rock-type attacks, she can dish out a beating as well. Speed and special attack are both base 70, so she loses out there. On the bright side, rock isn't weak to water in this hack. So one less double weakness. Just watch out for the grass-type attacks.

Now let's surf from Fuschia to Seafoam. Nothing new to catch in the water so basically we're just beating up a buncha trainers. While beating these trainers, Satoko and Melon finally reach their EX forms. That's everyone evolved now.

We're more interested in Seafoam Island on this route anyway. Which we'll check out now, after grabbing Genji to complete some strength-based puzzles.

Seafoam Island Floor BF1 Touhous: CCirno, CLetty (Ice/Rock), CMai (Ice), CSasha (Ghost/Dragon), Letty (Ice/Rock), Cirno (Ice), Mai (Ice). Level range is 22 to 33.

Seafoam Island Floor BF2 Touhous: CCirno, Nitori, Cirno, CLetty, CNitori, Letty, CSasha. Level range is 22 to 35.

Seafoam Island Floor BF3 Touhous: Cirno, CRumia, CLetty, Nitori, Letty, CSasha. Level range is 22 to 34.

Seafoam Island Floor BF4 Touhous: CRumia, CCirno, CLetty, CNitori, Cirno, Letty, Sasha (Ghost/Dragon). Level range is 24 to 34.

Seafoam Island Floor BF5 Touhous: Cirno, CCirno, CNitori, CACirno (Ice/Steel), CSasha, Cirno. Level range is 26 to 36.

You can find all of Cirno's forms, including ECirno (Water/Ice), and Mai by Surfing on the bottom two floors. Fishing with a Super Rod on BF4 will net you CMitori (Water).

There's a few totally new touhous here.

First off, we have Letty. Letty is a defensive touhou with 100 defense/special defense and 80 hp. She also has Thick Fat, which halves damage from Ice and Fire attacks. Ice attacks would hit her for 1/4 damage, due to typing, and fire attacks would hit her for half. Speed is base 70, as is attack. Special attack is much more useable at a base 90.

Then there's Mai, a PC-98 ice-type. Her ability is Water Veil, which would be more useful for a physical attacker but a prevented burn is a prevented burn. She won't be making physical attacks, though. Not with her base 30 attack. Defense is a much more respectable base 90, hp is base 80, both special defense and speed are base 100. So she's fairly defensive, fairly speedy, and hits nice and hard off of a base 120 special attack.

Sasha is a weird one. She's basically a fanmade touhou. Before Touhou 12.3's release, she was being passed off as the boss/cause of the giant shadow. Her power is the power of shadows, basically. Naturally, because she's a fanmade thing, she needs to be even more specialer than that so she's from the Dragon Palace. Why do people do these things? Though, to be honest, I haven't seen much of her outside of Touhoumon. And that one weird comic that had Utsuho as a magical girl...

Anyway, as a touhou she's... pretty strong. Serene Grace and Pressure for abilities, and naturally Serene Grace + Outrage is an... interesting combination. On top of this, she has 110 base speed, 120 defense, and 120 special attack. Attack is only base 80, hp is base 70, and special defense is base 60. She has pretty good stats, but falls to a good Ice Beam like any dragon.

Oh, hey, look, Mitori is here too! She's the extra special half human, half youkai phantasm boss of Subterranean Animism! Because we all know how powerful the last half-youkai was! You know, Rinnosuke. The guy with the ability to discern an item's use with a glance. And mistook a gameboy for a tool of the gods. Tried to smash it to keep it out of Yukari's hands. Heh. Would love to see his reaction if he got his hands on a D&D book.

Anyway, statwise she's defensive. Becomes Water/Steel when she evolves, base 115 defense and special defense, 95 hp, 80 attack and special attack, and 75 speed. Kinda sucks, though, seeing as how she can't learn ANY TM attacks. Also, none of her forms have tohodex entries. Whoops. Yeah, that's on the list of things to be added in that Final+ version. Also, her abilities are Rain Dish and Swift Swim. So she very much wants to be in the rain.

One last touhou, Advent Cirno. Probably the only Advent that anyone really cares about. Base 105 speed, 100 attack, 80 special attack, 90 hp, 85 defense, 70 special defense. A fast physical attacker, basically. Makes her more steel than ice. Hates Flamethrower even more than Sakuya does. Sakuya at least has good defenses. Not that it helps...

Of course, also in the Seafoam Islands, we find another legendary touhou.

This one is Kongala. My touhous are much stronger at this point, though, so weakening Kongala should be a bit easier at least.

While I was partially right, Kongala was STILL a pain in the ass to catch. It doesn't show in that video, since I caught her pretty easily there, but that was attempt like... well it was in the double digits anyway. Seriously though, I'd kill for the 4th gen's Dusk Balls right about now. It's always so tempting to just use the Master Ball on these legendaries, they're that much of a pain to catch...

Kongala is a Fighting/Ghost type whose only truly bad stat is special attack, which she really couldn't care less about anyway. When you have fighting and ghost physical STAB's, and going off of 140 base attack for that matter, special attacks don't really matter. Defense, special defense, and speed are all base 100. Hp is base 95. Ability is Pressure.

She also knows Recover. Please for the love of all that is good and holy don't tell me...


They do. All legendaries in this game know Recover. Fuck. This is going to be a thing.

Anyway, after catching Kongala I use one of my many Escape Ropes. Then fly to Cerulean to breed her, obtaining a CKongala.

Head back to Cinnabar, taking a fourth option this time: Fly. Since the gym part is going to be fairly lengthy for a gym, I think I'll just cover the Devil Mansion for now.

Devil Mansion Floor 1 Touhous: CMitori, CKoakuma, Meiling (Fighting), Koakuma, Patchouli (Normal), CRemilia, Flandre (Dark/Fire), Mitori (Water). Level range is 16 to 36.

Devil Mansion Floor 2 Touhous: CKoakuma, Flandre, Remilia (Dark/Flying), Koakuma, Patchouli, CSakuya, Sakuya, CPatchouli. Level range is 26 to 36.

Devil Mansion Floor 3 Touhous: Patchouli, Koakuma, CKoakuma, EKoakuma (Psychic/Flying), Remilia, Meiling, CMitori, CFlandre. Level range is 26 to 32.

Devil Mansion Basement Touhous: Koakuma, Patchouli, EPatchouli (Psychic), Meiling, Remilia, CFlandre, Flandre, Sakuya. Level range is 26 to 34.

Nothing new but plenty of evolved touhous. Also, Mitori seems a bit out of place here. In fact, she actually appears quite frequently in the Devil Mansion...

Touhous and a few trainers are all that's to be found here. Those logs from the original mansion were all removed, probabl because they're hard to really fit into a touhoumon game. So basically we're just here to find the Secret Key. Also, Athena grabbed a lot of stuff while we were here. She assures me that we're just borrowing it, though I can't help noticing that those are all consumeable items...

They also sell for almost as much as a Nugget. Save for the Full Restore. Keeping that.

Anyway, next installment it'll be one gym after another. Then the rival battle. And I'll probably grab a new touhou or two from the Game Corner. That'll get all the main plot stuff out of the way, save for the Elite Four. So all that'll be left is the Elite Four/Victory Road, the Sevii Islands, and Cerulean Cave.

So why not do the Sevii Islands next installment? Because I think I'd rather wait and do all the islands in one go.


DON'T do all of the Sevii Islands before fighting the Elite Four the first time by the way. You WILL regret it.

...wait, that was in Renko Version. Not too sure if Blue Version has the same system in place...
Makuta9999 15th Jul 11
Pretty sure it's the same in Blue as well. I think having the National Dex so early is actually what causes it.
CaperNerd 15th Jul 11
Could someone explain to me why you'd regret it?
Hunter1 15th Jul 11
Normally you can't access islands 4-7 before facing the Elite Four, but in some of these Touhoumon hacks - Blue included - you can. If you complete them, however, the game goes on as if you've already beaten the Elite Four. Thus when you go to challenge the Elite Four, you're facing their Round 2 lineup.
CaperNerd 15th Jul 11
...Ah. Yeah, that would be a bad thing...
Hunter1 15th Jul 11
And as for how bad, well, having a team where all your mons are lvl. 100 is practically required as that's what the Champion will have.
Makuta9999 15th Jul 11