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Caper Nerd

Part 11 - The one in which backs are tracked.

GUYS! GUYS! I heard this totally true rumor on the internet about how to get MEW!!!!

Okay, first you need to trade pokemon with a friend so you can get a pokemon that knows Cut. That way you don't actually have to get the HM to get to the next gym. Though, technically, in this hack you don't even need that... and even in the regular pokemon games you can actually skip Surge entirely until you realize you need his badge or caught Zapdos first and went back to face Surge after just for kicks.

The important thing is YOU DO NOT WANT TO GET CUT! Otherwise, the S.S. Anne will leave and Mew is totally hiding under a truck next to the S.S.Anne. One of our pokemon will be able to move that truck with Strength. Or did we need six pokemon using Srength...

Then you play through the game until you can get Surf. Well, no, until you can use Surf. We actually got Surf way back in like Part 3... You also need Strength, which we also got back then.

Anyway! Then you go back to Vermillion and go here like you were going to the S.S. Anne, only then you Surf here and OMG IT'S THE TRUCK! THIS RUMOR IS TOTALLY LEGIT OMG WE'RE GETTING A FUCKING MEW!!!

Oh, and apparently it's only one pokemon that needs to use Strength. Touhoumon I should say. Genji moves the truck and then we find... Akyuu?


Internet is full of lies, man... but I'll catch her anyway. No way I'm leaving empty handed after that let down.

Joking aside, Akyuu being here is an interesting choice. And she's actually useable in this hack for things other than the questionable process of breeding touhous. Basically Akyuu can learn any TM, and can essentially learn any technique period as her only technique is Sketch which she learns a few times over the course of her levels. She's also in the HumanShape egg group. Why's that important? Because pretty much every damn touhou in a Touhoumon hack is in the Humanshape group. Practically makes the Ditto egg group pointless, ballistic missiles and catfish notwithstanding.

"Ballistic missiles and catfish notwithstanding" ... I really just said something like that... Then again, the same breeding system that gave name to the trope Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action is what stemmed it so...

Anyway, Akyuu's stats are why she's actually more useful in this hack than most Touhoumon hacks. Usually her stats suck, relegating her to the above mentioned task of breeding certain moves, but in this hack she has a respectable 90 base speed and hp, and a very-much-not-crap 110 base attack and special attack. Her defenses aren't that great at base 70 a piece, but she's pretty good on the offense. This could make sense from at least one perspective. Namely, that Akyuu is Batman.

Now that that's done, might as well grab Cut finally. It was pretty overdue. After getting Cut, the S.S. Anne goes bye-bye. That Akyuu basically would have been lost forever had I gotten Cut earlier. I teach the move to Canada, whose offensive attacks consisted of Slash and Quick Attack prior to learning the steel-type Cut.

And now that we have Cut, let's go cutting things. Like this annoying tree on Route 8.

Route 8 Touhous: CMystia, CMeiling, CMomiji, CChen, Hatate (Psychic/Flying). Level range is 15 to 20.

Well there's uh... an evolved Hatate here?

Let's give Route 16 a shot then. We need to go there anyway to get Fly and we needed Cut to get there.

Route 16 Touhous: CMystia, CSatori, CAya, Aya (Normal/Flying). Level range is 18 to 25.

No new touhous, just Aya's evolved form.

Beat the young couple here easily enough, probably spoiling their mood. Go through the back of the route house place we find this person, who is apparently a celebrity. Don't know, don't care. She gives us Fly though. Which is handy. Less running around now, more instant teleportation. Teach this to Misty. It's a stronger move than Razor Wind, at any rate, and I'm pretty sure Raymoo learns a flying-type signature technique. And, hey, Misty doesn't even KNOW Razor Wind yet.

Also, according to this LilyWhite, it's spring.

There's a Genji here as well, as usual, but we already caught one and he's not in our way. Let's just let him sleep.

Now we continue down Route 16 where there's a LOT of boring bikers to fight. For such a fast paced route I always find it pretty damn tedious. There ARE new touhous here though.

Route 17 Touhous: CAReisen (Psychic), CKeine, Aya, CAMeiling (Fighting), CAya, Momiji. Level range is 20 to 29.

Advent touhous? Seriously?

Incase you're wondering and maybe missed a previous rant, this is a bit of a pet peeve of mine with the Touhoumon series. Whenever there's alternate evolutions or touhous to add, anything that isn't just "EX" or "Last Word" is somehow related to Final Fantasy. Excuse me but... are all the other doujins out there chopped freakin' liver? Why not touhous or alternate evolutions referencing something BESIDES Advent Cirno? In fact, why even bother adding any of the other Advent touhous to begin with? Does anyone seriously care about any Advent touhou that isn't Advent Cirno herself?

Of course, this hack takes it a step further by making Advent forms with complete 3-stage evolution paths for Cirno, Letty, Marisa, Reisen, Meiling, Mystia, and Mokou. And I don't have a bloody clue what FF 7/Advent Children character Mokou, Mystia, or Letty are even supposed to be to begin with. Did Advent Children even add any notable characters to the FF 7 franchise? I watched it but even at the time I never really paid much attention to the plot. I liked the ending for FF 7 better when I thought all the humans were dead. It's a lot deeper and makes a lot more sense than pulling out some bullshit excuse to bring Sephiroth back.

Yeah, I'm a fan of the classic Final Fantasy games personally. And this is in spite of having played both FF 7 and FF 8 BEFORE playing the classics. I somehow missed out on their existance during my youth and only discovered them through ROM's.

Anyway, a touhou's a touhou... I'll give these advent things the same treatment I give the others...

Advent Reisen is what I would have figured normal Reisen to be, personally. A speedy special attacker. 125 speed, 120 special attack. And not exactly what you'd call frail, either, with 80's in both defenses and 100 hp. Her only lacking stat is attack at base 40. Potential abilities are Insanity and Advent. Advent prevents secondary effects from attacks that hit them from taking effect. The Shield Dust effect of pokemon like Kakuna, only on things that don't suck. Which actually makes it a fairly useful ability. And you've heard me say how detrimental Insanity can be for Flandre, so imagine how detrimental it is for someone who is clearly NOT a special attacker.

Yeah, just say no to Insanity Advent Reisen.

Advent Meiling confuses me. Mostly because I keep hearing her being recommended to people playing this hack, but can't really figure out what makes her such a must have over, say, regular Meiling. Who can be found earlier. Advent Meiling is bulkier and maintains her fighting-type throughout evolution, but has lower attack and defense. Her extra bulkiness comes from higher hp. Advent Meiling has base 120 hp, 100 attack, 100 defense, 50 special attack 70 special defense, and 90 speed. Maybe people just find Advent to be that desireable an ability.

Oh yeah, grabbed an Amulet Coin on the way through. Might as well make use of it against these bikers.

One long string of way too many battles, and we're done. And that Murasa I'm raising evolves. Twice, even. Apparently Murasa evolves at levels 20 and... 25? Eh. Well, her EX form is pretty badass looking if you ask me.

Route 18 is also a route. That exists. It's, like, the stretch of land at the end of Cycling Road. Plus a patch of grass with a trio of birdkeepers. Beat up the birdkeepers, check out the grass.

Route 18 Touhous: CChen, CKeine, Aya, CHatate, CAReisen. Level range is 20 to 29.

Nothing new. Think most of the new, non-evo touhous we'll find are all in the Sevii Islands at this point. Or Cerulean Cave.

But at this point I think I'll make the backtracking trip from Fuschia to Vermillion, just to hit up some of the things we missed out on before.

Like here, which leads to a bunch of trainers for us to fight. Also, a TM.

Here gives us access to Route 14 touhous.

Route 14 Touhous: CMystia, CMedicine, Yuka (Grass/Dark), CYuka, Medicine, Mystia. Level range is 23 to 30.

Yuka evo and that's about it. Well how about Route 13 then?

Route 13 Touhous: CMedicine, Yuka, CMystia, CYuka, Mystia, Medicine. Level range is 22 to 30.

Nope. And Route 12 has two cut places. One gets us a trainer and an Iron. The other gets us Route 12's touhous.

Route 12 Touhous: CMomiji, CAya, CMedicine, CMystia, CSanae, Medicine. Level range is 22 to 30.

Nothing, nothing, and nothing again. Well, now I suppose we head up to Pewter then to grab some stuff. On Route 2, we grab Flash. In Pewter City itself, we grab the Old Amber.

We then Fly to Cinnabar to revive the Amber into this.

The dolls are an interesting Touhou. The dolls themselves suck, but they evolve into different things based on their stats. Three things in this hack.

The first, Shanghai. They evolve into this if their attack is higher than defense. Shanghai is Normal/Fire, has 110 base speed, 100 base special attack, 120 base attack, 70 base defense and special defense, and 65 base hp. Abilities are Levitate or Doll. Doll powers up a touhou with Doll Master and vice versa. Alice gets Doll Master. You need to be in a double battle, though, rendering the ability fairly useless. Shanghai herself is a pretty decent attacker with a unique type. Pretty frail though.

If defense is higher than attack, the dolls evolve into Hourai. Hourai is Normal/Psychic. 110 base defense and special defense, 90 base special attack, 95 base speed, 55 base attack, 75 base hp. Normal/Psychic is an interesting type, and she's pretty good on the defense. Her abilities are the same as Shanghai's.

Finally, if attack and defense are equal... they evolve into Goliath. Yes, Goliath. We can actually get the Goliath doll in this hack. Base 120 attack and defense, 110 hp, 70 special attack and special defense, and 45 speed. A bit weak on the special side but still a very nice Mighty Glacier. Abilities are Intimidate and Doll. Type is Normal/Steel.

I believe that covers most of the backtracking... all that's left now is to catch that one other touhou I was going to raise. And for that, we go here. Cerulean Cave. Normally a post game area, you can access it as soon as you get Surf in this hack.

The levels, however, are still very much post game. I won't be covering this area proper until probably just before facing the Elite Four.

There IS, however, one chibi that can be found on the first and last floors of this place. And that chibi is why I'm here. She appears rarely, though, thus why I brought ScaredyCat out. She'll be doing a LOT of running.

Much running and screaming later, we finally find her. A level 15 CShinki.

Shinki is a Dark/Psychic touhou with VERY high special attack, base 135. Base 95 attack isn't too bad either. The rest of her stats are all base 80, which isn't too bad. Ability is Synchronize. When she's inflicted with a status effect, she inflicts that same status effect on the target. Not much of a movepool, though, aside from the techniques she learns via level-up.

All that's left now is to get my new touhous all caught up. There's a group of six... bikers on Route 16 that I used for this. Between EXP Share and Lucky Egg, it doesn't take long. SigHansen gets caught up and CShinki evolves into a Shinki, which I named Louise C. The name was actually my friend's idea as well. It's basically three references in one.

Also raise that Rinnosuke I caught a while back to evolve it. It evolves into an ERinnosuke.

So that's all the back tracking and preparations done. Next time, we take on the Silph Building and get another badge. On a closing note, should we raise that Rinnosuke? Also, still didn't get either of the Watasuki sisters, so should we get Toyohime or Yorihime since Saffron is our next stop again?


Take a good look at the dex descriptions on the pics for CA Reisen and CA Meiling; if the touhou's dex number is greater than 151, there's a pertty decent chance that you get a dex entry like that. Good thing this isn't the final version of the hack, huh?

And I am about to use a highly scientific method to determine which of the sisters to get... Heads. Toyohime.
Hunter1 12th Jul 11
question you said you knew where to find dcpatchy in an earliar part i think it was 9, i dont think anyone has dcpatchy atleast as far as i know where do you think she is? 12th Jul 11
DCPatchy was the hardest to find and I found the oddest of hints that eventually lead me to her, though I'll cover that when I actually get her.

To actually find DCPatchy, you need to first beat the Rocket Base on Five Island. Then, go back and check the cages. I'm not sure if any cage works or if it's a specific cage, but after checking one of them you'll be attacked by a DCPatchouli. You'll want to save beforehand, too. Pretty sure you've got one shot at it.
CaperNerd 12th Jul 11