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Part 7 - Abusing protagonist-based privleges.

Route 11 Touhous: CShizuha, CMinoriko, CHatate, CMomiji, CKoishi (Normal), CAya. Level range is 11 to 17.

Koishi is another normal-type special attacker with a pretty good special attacking movepool but no STAB special attacks due to her typing. Her ability is Unconscious which I believe... negates weather effects. I get the ability name, don't get the effect. Anyway, Koishi's special attack is very high, special defense is low, and the rest of her stats range from 80 to 95. She's not too bad on the physical defense side of things, though it seems odd that special attacks are her weaker point.

Incidentally, Koishi is the only SA character aside from Kisume that's not found in Yamame's Cave.

Yamame's Cave Touhous: CSatori, CYamame (Ground/Bug), CYuugi (Ground/Fighting), CRin (Ghost/Fire), CUtsuho (Flying/Fire), Yamame (Ground/Bug), CParsee (Ghost/Dark), Parsee (Ghost/Dark).

Yamame is a tank. A Spider Tank, if you will. Speed and special attack suck, attack is decent, and hp, defense, and special defense are all good at 115, 110, and 125 respectively. Her ability is Infectious which has a chance of inflicting a random status effect on an opponent that makes contact with her. I'll be adding one of these to my team. Why? Because I found this while I was catching the other touhous here.

Yuugi's hp is decent at base 95. Special attack, special defense, and speed all suck. Though speed not as much. Defense is good at a base 100. Attack is VERY good at a base 150. She's another one who's STAB Earthquake you don't want to be on the receiving end of. Or her Superpower. Unless you're the Yamame above. Yamame resists both ground and fighting-type attacks. Her ability, you may recall, is Oni Strength. Prevents attack drops.

Rin's defenses are kinda "meh" all around with base 75 for hp, defense, AND special defense. Her speed and offensive stats are all good with 100 speed and special attack and 105 attack. I would have figured Rin more of a physical attacker, myself. I'm picturing her bowling people over with her wheelbarrow. CRin's ability is Pickup, which randomly finds items after battle, but it becomes Blaze in her EX form. Blaze increases the power of fire-type attacks when her hp is low.

Utsuho is easily the most powerful special attacker you can get, save maybe for legendary touhous. She has a base 160 special attack. Speed and hp are decent at base 85, but the rest of her stats aren't good at all. Glass cannon, basically. If you can get her in, she's going to hurt stuff. Her abilities are Flash Fire, which increases the power of fire-type attacks when she gets hit with one, and Magma Armor which prevents her from being frozen. Magma Armor is a good one to have if you're hatching eggs since it halves the hatching time.

Finally, we have Parsee. I think Parsee's stats have been raised in this, but I can't tell what's been raised. Special defense is lower than it was in Insane but still a nice base 100. Hp is base 100 and defense is 90. Her offensive stats aren't that useable and her speed is a decent base 80. Ability is still Jealousy which has no in-combat applicability. Just lowers the wild encounter rate.

That takes care of the wild Touhous. Now to beat up some trainers.

That shiny CYamame I caught went un-named for a while. I didn't quite know what to name her and wanted to get a better look at her evolved forms first. Well, while beating up a random trainer on Route 11, she evolved. Her backsprite kinda reminded me of Signum from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha due to her ponytail. So that's her nickname. Signum.

Beat up the rest of these trainers without anything interesting happening, which is kinda disappointing. I still have two touhous that need to evolve. Satoko is level 20 now but still not evolved. A quick check of her stats reveals that she doesn't evolve until level 24. Wow. That's pretty late...

Anyway, after finishing with Route 11 I decide to grab the Old Rod. I kinda ended up getting the rods completely in reverse order...

Since there's not many, I'll cover the rod-based touhous now. I don't think they ever really change much regardless of where you go.

Old Rod: CHina (Poison). Level range is... 5.

Good Rod: CHina, CNitori (Water). Level range is 5 to 15.

Super Rod: CHina, CNitori, CIku, Iku (Electric/Dragon). Level range is 15 to 35.

Hina's EX form has a drill on her arm. That's all you need to know.

I can also tell you, though, that her special defense is passable, hp is decent, both offensive stats are base 100, and speed is a good base 95 as well. Her ability is Curse Cycle, which causes damage when the enemy tries to absorb hp from her. Also, she learns Self Destruct and Explosion as level-up moves for some reason. And she's basically the Magikarp of the game. She's found anywhere you can use the Old Rod.

Nitori's evolved forms also have drills I believe. They also gain the electric type. Fairly typical bulky water stat-wise. Good special attack and defense, decent special defense. Actually I think most bulky waters reverse the special defense and defense but whatever. She's decently bulky and has strong special attack and good coverage. Her abilities are Torrent, which increases the power of water-type attacks when low on hp, and Swift Swim, which doubles speed in the rain.

Come to think of it, Iku also has a drill in her EX form I believe. I could be wrong, but pretty sure there's a drill involved. Which means that all touhous caught by fishing like drills. I'm not sure what to make of this. Iku is a pain to find through fishing, though. Just catch a CIku in Mt. Moon.

So, now that that's over and done with, let's go board the S.S. Anne. But first, just out of curiosity, let's try fishing here.

...Eh? A CMerlin? That's kinda odd.


Actually, this whole encounter table seems a bit weird and randomish. Did Blue forget to set this, I wonder?

Old Rod S.S. Anne: Fairy

Good Rod S.S. Anne:Fairy, EShizuha (Grass), CLunasa (Ghost)

Super Rod S.S. Anne:EShizuha, CMerlin (Ghost), EParsee (Ghost/Dark), CChen.

CChen is the rarest touhou found using the Super Rod here... I don't even...

And Lyrica must feel so left out here, being the only Prismriver sister missing.

Lunasa is a defensive ghost touhou focused on support. Learns Calm Mind and Baton Pass through level and has good defenses. Hp is only base 75 but that won't hold her back too much really. Especially when she has Calm Mind, which I believe raises both defenses in this hack as well.

Merlin, on the other hand, is offensive. Good stats in both attack and special attack and decent speed. She also learns Baton Pass and gets both Minds Eye and Mana Charge.

I'll cover Lyrica here as well even though she wasn't caught here. The Prismriver sisters are pretty similar. Lyrica's stats are mostly fairly balanced aside from speed. Special attack is slightly higher as well, and special defense slightly lower, but still hits about an 80 average for her other stats. Speed is a base 115. So she's a speedster. Gets Baton Pass, Tail Wind, and Agility.

All three of the Prismriver sisters have Poltergeist for an ability, which blocks sound-based attacks. I don't know if I'd use them myself but I find all three of them fairly interesting here.

Okay, now unless I run into a random Mew somewhere in the vicinity, we're continuing into the ship now.


Yeah, no random Mews. Onward!

You know, all RPG protagonists make a bad habit of barging into other people's homes. But I think the time spent on the S.S. Anne is quite possibly the most blatant example of this. You're pretty much encouraged to barge into every cabin on the ship! Why? To fight the trainers and steal their stuff, of course!

Battle one particular Gentleman that actually calls me out on this and... WHOA! Crap! This guy just more than doubled the money I had! What's up with that?

Moving on, Canada manages to beat a level 22 evolved Momiji on her own and then evolves herself. And now she appropriately has her signature shield with a maple leaf on it.

And now she's suddenly level 22. She was level 20 when she evolved. 21 after. And then after beating one puppet, because I didn't notice the sudden level jump, she grew to level 22. This hack is great, but it's a bit rough around the edges at times. Fortunately I've learned recently that the creator is, in fact, still working on the next version. He's just putting so much stuff in it and messing around with little things that it's taking a while.

On another note, this guy still sucks at his job. Seriously, how many global police agents go about announcing they are such when they're supposed to be undercover? ...Besides Looker.

Raid the kitchen for some berries and a Great Ball. I've already been buying these at this point but I won't complain about a freebie.

Battle the two trainers out on the deck next, both sailors and easy wins for Athena. Switched out Canada for her after Canada's sudden level jump.

Beat Gentleman Brooks with Signum and get another nice payout. Seriously, these Gentlemen are ALL loaded.

Clear out the top level as well, save for Gary. I'm saving him for last. For now, I'll head to the basement.

After beating all the trainers in the basement, and looting their cabins for anything of value, all my touhous are level 21.

Time to face... umm... Gary?

Weird. Gary's nowhere in sight. I know I didn't face him here yet... or skip any Gary battles since if you battle him in a future location he will no longer be at any previous locations even if you haven't fought him there yet. But the last time I fought Gary was in Cerulean.

Guess we're done on the S.S. Anne then. Time to go face Surge and his minions.

The three trainers in Surge's gym go down easily, mostly to Satoko. That gets her to level 22 and I decide to swap for Melon, who's still only level 20. Then it's time to find that switch in the trash. Which becomes MUCH easier with save state abuse. Find first switch, save state, check trash cans until second switch is found.

Only took me two tries. Now we face Surge. This battle I won't be denied!

Hoo boy. This battle went downhill in so many ways...

First off, Double Team can go to hell. It can go directly to hell. It can not pass Go and not collect $200.

Second, goddamn critical hit from the goddamn Thunderbolt. ColdSteel had that battle, damn it!

Third... MASTER SPARK!? His level 24 Marisa knows MASTER SPARK!? This early in the game!? Thunderbolt was one thing, but DAMN... make sure you have a ground-type for that one...

Thank God I picked up Signum when I did.

Next installment, Route 9/10 and... something a bit different. I think I'll be stocking up on some Ultra Balls for this one.

Especially now that I'm rich.


So are there shiny versions of the Dark Touhou's?
Makuta9999 7th Jul 11
Likely, they'd just be a bitch to find (like shinys aren't already a bitch to find already...).
Hunter1 7th Jul 11