Pent does a WAAPT-ized Pokemon Black liveblog


Gym Battle: Elesa of Nimbasa City!

I climbed over the fence around the amusement park, really wishing I brought a towel with me on this adventure.

Me: ~Grumblegrumble~

From there, I made my way into the gym.

Me: Whoa.

The interior of the gym is one large rollercoaster rendered in neon lights.

Me: Cool.

I stepped off the entry step and into the gym proper. Bad idea all things considered. Likely because I was dripping wet and the gym was filled with electricity.

Me: 0_0 -Is quite violently shocked- X_X

About an hour later...

Me: Don't taze me bro, don't taze me... -Wakes up- Huh what? That was... An interesting experience...

I stepped into the first cart to come along. It did a loop and dropped me a few paces away from a button.

Me: Ah, a good first step.

I approached the button, but before I could step on it I was accosted by a girl in a black bodysuit with glowy lines (Of every color).

Roller Girl Magnolia: Your fashion sense, it's kind of Nuvema Town-ish. Nothing like my fabulous lightsuit. -Poses-

Me: Says you, I think your outfit looks more like a cross between TRON and a rave party.

Roller Girl Magnolia: YOU WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND FASHION! -Sends out an Emolga, who promptly flies off in search of fruit- ... ... You may pass... -Steps aside-

Me: Thanks. -Steps on button-

The lights on the track changed. I hopped back in the cart. This time it went through a small glass tunnel before reaching a station. There was another button, and another trainer.

Roller Lad Cody: Welcome challenger! I will do you the greatest of honors and accept your challenge!

Me: Thanks?

Roller Lad Cody: Yes, your challenge, of which I shall end early with my... -Checks where his belt should be- Uh... These outfits don't have anywhere to put my mons...

Me: But how did Magnolia...? -Thinks- >///>

Roller Lad Cody: -Has come to the same solution- I'm... I'm gonna take my break now... -Walks off towards the entrance-

Me: Yeah... -Presses button-

The track changes. I hop in, shoving the Roller Lad already in there out onto the platform. The cart goes up a ramp and down the other side. Yet another button, and no gym trainer guarding it.

The next cart has a Roller Girl in it, but she decides to step out, looking embarrassed. From what I can hear of her mumbling, she accidentally expanded her pokeballs before taking them out. I step in the cart and it takes off, it goes through a loop before arriving at the station.

I hate loops.

Me: @_@ -Stumbles over to Elesa-

Elesa: Did the fantastic speed leave you dizzy?

Me: Yes...

Elesa: My beloved Pokemon will be the next one to make your head spin!

-+- Leader Elesa wants to battle! -+-

Elesa leads with Emolga, which quickly uses Volt Switch to switch out with... Another Emolga. Which then Volt Switches out for... The first Emolga...

Me: 0_0

Elesa: -Smug smile-

Several moves later, I manage to knock one of the Emolgas out. The next turn I take out the second, leaving Elesa with only one mon left...


Which I took down with a well-timed attack.

Elesa: I meant to make your head spin, but I got shocked instead... Oh well, on behalf of the League and the city of Nimbasa, I hearby confer upon you this Bolt Badge.

-~- Pent obtained the Bolt Badge! -~-

Elesa: And of course the standard prize Technical Machine.

-~- Pent obtained TM 72, Volt Switch -~-

Me: Well, I doubt it will be as overpowered for me as it was for you...

Elesa: It helps that you seem to not have any electric-types to use it. Anyway, you heading off to Drifveil City next? Because the bridge is down for some stupid reason or another. Meet me on Route 5 and I'll sort it out for you. -Heads out of the gym-

I headed out of the gym and smiled, another badge down and another step closer to being League champion.

Next time: How to lower a bridge, the Elesa way.