Pent does a WAAPT-ized Pokemon Black liveblog


Not Quite Neo

When you get right down to it, pretty much everything has a true reason.

Even if said reason is woefully improbable.

Me: -Standing on a mid-tone gray flat plane- Hello?

Big green (Darnit formatting!) letters, impossible to tell the distance, appear.

>Hello Pentigan

Me: What the?

>Do not be alarmed

Me: Why? Who are you?

>Ah, it would be better to actualise myself

A Porygon2 appears. /Duck/.

/Duck/: Hello Pent.

Me: Where am I?

/Duck/: Physically, in the background area of the Castella Gym. Metaphysically, well, remember when you died?

Me: -Rubs my jaw. Even though technically the attack caught my chest area- Don't remind me... Wait, am I dead?

/Duck/: Oh, no. I wouldn't have enough power to contact you in that case. Nah, this is just a replica from your memories.

Me: Why have you brought me here?

/Duck/: To explain. Why is it that you could not believe Oakley could evolve?

Me: Because he swallowed an everstone a month ago. Vet said the chemicals dissipated off into the lining of his gut. He physically can't evolve.

/Duck/: Well, technically that's not Oakley.

Me: What?

/Duck/: Well, not his body. It's another body. Same mind.

Me: Uh...

/Duck/: Pent, do you know why you can't access your mons?

Me: Not really...

/Duck/: Greg Palmer, your former employer and current head of the Slateport Pokemon smuggling ring, sealed your PC boxes. I managed to get Oakley and Booster out early for you with the use of some mindjacking code I picked up off the internet and my contacts. I've also managed to get the rest out there too. But I'm not quite sure where.

Me: Great, so now I have to find my mons...

/Duck/: Pretty much. At least I have one clue for you, Susan said that she'll most likely end up in the desert. Not sure why. But it's a start.

Me: Right.

/Duck/: Good luck Pent, we're all counting on you.