Pent does a WAAPT-ized Pokemon Black liveblog


Gym Battle: Lenora of Nacrene City

I send out Oakley.

Lenora: Herdier! Tackle!

Oakley: <Whoa!> -Dodges to the side-

Herdier: <Stay still and let me hit you!>

Oakley: <I don't think so.> -Uses Vine Whip-

Herdier: -Is hit- Gr...<Just stay still for a moment!> -Charges again-

Oakley: <Yeah... I don't think so.> -Dodges again-

This goes on for a while, until...

Herdier: -Quite beaten-up- <You dirty little grasssnake...> -Collapses-

Lenora: Watchog, your turn. -Sends out a Watchog-

Oakley: <Ha! You'll go down like that Herdier won't you?>

Watchog: <You harmed him...> -Darts to the side- <TASTE RETRIBUTION!> -Charges forward, strikes Oakley-

Oakley: -Takes the hit at full power- <GAH!> -Prepares Vine Whip-

Watchog: <Oh no you don't!> -Charges in again, slightly less powerfully-

Oakley: -Manages to launch off the Vine Whip, but the hit is too much. He faints-

Pentigan: Darnit... -Recalls Oakley- I guess it's up to you... Go! Carl... -Sends out Carl-

Carl: -Looks at the Watchog- <All too easy> -Fires off Bubble-

Watchog: -Already reeling a bit from the Vine Whip- <Gah! Urk!> -Faints-

Lenora: -Recalls Watchog- Well... On behalf of the League and the city of Nacrene, I hearby confer upon you the Basic Badge!

~+~ Pent recieved the Basic Badge! ~+~

Lenora: You also are entitled to this TM.

~+~ Pent recieved TM67 ~+~

(TM67 is Retaliate, it's really useful to put on a fast, second-slot pokemon because it deals double damage if the user is switching in after an ally fainted.)

I give Lenora a poster for Maxi Eary's upcoming concert. Then Hawes runs in.

Hawes: Lenora! Some guys in uniforms came in and stole our exibit of Marowak clubs!