Pent does a WAAPT-ized Pokemon Black liveblog


Plazmorons in the Wellspring Cave

I adventure into the cave.

Plazmoron Phil: Come on Lennette, these Drillbur won't catch themselves!

Plazmoron Lennette: Okay, okay. Honeyrat, return. -Recalls her Patrat- NOW LET'S CATCH SOME DRILLBUR.

Me: Ahem. I don't think I can allow you to do that.

Plazmoron Phil: Oh great, the tree's back.

Plazmoron Lennette: -Giggles-

Me: -Seriousface- I know who you are. Catching pokemon enmass and not bothering for their safety.

Plazmoron Phil: Tell me then, who are we?

Me: In a word, smugglers.

Smuggler Phil: Well then -Draws pokeball- I guess I can't allow you to leave. Lennette, let's double up on this chump!

Smuggler Lennette: EXCELLENT, HONEYRAT SHALL TASTE BLOOD THIS DAY. -Sends out a Patrat- Try and do your best Honeyrat!

-After a quick double-battle, with Carl fighting alongside Oakley-

Oakley: <You're pretty good for a young one.>

Carl: <Thank you, you're not as slow as I expected from a ten year old.>

Oakley: <Aparently I'm much younger than I thought I was.>

Smuggler Phil: -Recalls his Patrat- Well this sucks. I'm outta here. Come on Lennette.

Me: -Stopping Phil for a moment- Know this. I am the one they call Fiveside.

Smuggler Lennette: AND I AM THE ONE THEY CALL LENNETTE... Not that it matters much... -Leaves with Phil-

Me: -Stands for a few seconds after they leave, then quickly grabs the TM that I had noticed when I walked in-

~+~ Pent obtained TM 46! ~+~

(TM 46 is Thief, it's rather useful in some cases where you want to obtain the held item of a wild pokemon without having to catch it. If you find Crustles, you can farm Rare Bones which can be sold for a good price to the right buyer.)

I walk to Nacrene City.

(Next time: The Duke of Nacrene!)