Pent does a WAAPT-ized Pokemon Black liveblog


Route, Route, Routing for Three

I step lightly onto Route 3, the road that leads north becomes a dirt path soon after the gate-station.

???: -From behind me- <Excuse me sir!>

I turn to face the Pidove that addressed me.

Me: Hello, what are you doing out here?

Pidove: -Drawing out a sheet of paper- <Hello Pentigan. I am a member of the Booster Academy of Flight Arts. On request of headmistress Booster I have been sent to accompany you on your adventure.>

Me: Really?

Pidove: <Yes> -Goes back to the sheet- <Headmistress Booster regrets that she cannot personally accompany you on this adventure. Therefore she has sent me to take her place.>

Me: Okay. Do you have a name.

Pidove: -Still reading- <It is by request of Headmistress Booster that until such time as she is able to rejoin you I shall be using her name.>

Me: Right...

Pidove Booster: <It is at this point it is advisable to properly catch me.>

Me: Oh, yes. -Casually catches the Pidove then lets her out again-

Pidove Booster: <I shall not dissapoint sir.>

Me: Fine. -Recalls Pidove Booster and heads to the Pokemon Day Care on the hill-

Day Care Lady: Hello young trainer. Here to deposit one of your pokemon?

Me: Nah, just checking in. -Oakley is on my shoulder-

Oakley: <Yeah right. Not once in 10 years have you ever left a pokemon at a Day Care.>

Day Care Lady: How old is your Snivy young man?

Me: At least 10 years old.

Day Care Lady: -Looking closely at Oakley- He is far too young to be ten years old.

Me: If it's because he's still a Snivy then-

Day Care Lady: No, it's the eyes. The eyes always age no matter what evolution the pokemon is in. His eyes are those of a youngling, two months old perhaps?

Me: What


Oakley: <I can't be that young! I mean, I remember every moment of those ten years.>

Me: So do I Oakley.

Oakley: <Then why does she think I'm that young?>

Me: I don't know, let's just continue onto the next town.

We do that. As we near the gates I spot the same two Plazmorons from the Dream Yard.

Plazmoron Phil: -On a phone- Yeah boss, we got the pokemon you wanted. -Scratches head- Where are we supposed to find that? -Sudden realisation- Oh, Wellspring Cave. Okay, thanks boss. Come on Lennette. -Heads off towards Wellspring Cave-

Plazmoron Lennette follows.

Me: Darnit, just when I thought I could get to Nacrene without any trouble... -Heads towards Wellspring Cave-


Dialga must be pulling a sadistic prank on Oakley!
gamerex27 9th Jul 11