Pent does a WAAPT-ized Pokemon Black liveblog


Unova Dreaming

I head back to Striaton City and deliver the Dream Mist to Fennel.

Me: So who owns the bed? -Points to the bed hooked up to the machine producing more Dream Mist- Yours or Amanitas?

Fennel: Yes.

Me: Yes to which one.

Fennel: Just yes. -Takes out a small package- Anyway, this is for you for helping me with my research.

~+~ Pent obtained the C-Gear ~+~

Fennel: With this you can communicate with other trainers doing the league challenge while on the move!

Me: How? I haven't seen any trainers doing a league challenge besides me and the Black Clad Fan.

Fennel: Well, imagine a box. And then imagine that one of the sides is a different color to the others. Now imagine counting out the sides of the box and that the different colored one is always the fourth you count. And then imagine leaving that box through the different colored wall.

Me: Where's this heading Fennel?

Fennel: I have no idea. Anyway, even though you don't seem to see them, there are other trainers doing the league challenge and this lets you communicate with them.

Me: Riiight...

(I live in an area where very few locals actually play pokemon. >_<)

Amanita hands me a notepad on the way out, I decide to use it to record any other trainers I actually see.

I then head out to Route 3.

(Next Episode: Something's wrong with Oakley and I get a Pidove!)


same in my neighborhood
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