Pent does a WAAPT-ized Pokemon Black liveblog


Gym Battle: Chilli of Striaton City

I stepped up to my place on the side of the arena. The three gym leaders conversed with each other and Chilli took his place at the other end. The diners turned in their seats to watch the battle.

Chili: Good luck, because I'm the strongest of my bros! -Sends out a Lillipup-

Me: Okay, easy start. Go, Oakley!

Oakley: <Okay, Lillipup, handled plenty of these during that training session.>

-A little bit of time later-

Chili: Dang, well you better have something stronger than a Snivy because next up is mah PANSEAR! -Sends out the Pansear-

Me: Yep, I do have something stronger. I summon... Carl

Chili: Carl?

Me: Yes, Carl. -Sends out Carl-

Carl: -Has extreme animostity towards the Pansear-

-A rather quick battle later-

Chili: Wow. I guess you won. On behalf of my bros I hearby bestow this badge upon you.

~+~ Pent obtained the Trio Badge! ~+~

Chili: You also get this for winning.

~+~ Pent obtained TM 83! ~+~

(TM 83 contains Work Up, basically it raises the attack and special attack of the user a bit. At least the fact that it can be taught multiple times makes up for the move itself.)

I leave the gym, Fennel is standing on the street.

Me: Looking for someone Fennel?

Fennel: Yes, you. I've got something in my lab for you.

Me: Really?

I follow Fennel to her lab, which seems to be also her and someone called Amanita's house. Which is strange because there is only one bed and it's hooked up to a strange machine.

Fennel: This is for defeating the gym.

~+~ Pent recieved HM 01! ~+~

(Just like in pretty much every other main-line Pokemon game, the first HM you get is Cut.)

Fennel: There's something I need you to do for me Pent. I need you to get something from the Dreamyard, some Dream Mist.

Me: Okay, head to the Dreamyard, go get some Dream Mist. Do I need any sort of special container for this mist?

Fennel: I don't think so, it should just be in a pokeball like most items. (I never understood that.)

Me: Riiiiiight... I guess I'll head over and do that.

I head over to the Dreamyard.