Pent does a WAAPT-ized Pokemon Black liveblog


New Items, New Routes.

(Before I can get into the lab, there is a mandatory cutscene that seems to have the purpose of showing that Bianca has an abusive father. I'm going to skip that bit.)

Professor Juniper: Ah Pentigan, just in time. Have you met my assistants Cherry and Bronco? Cherry helps write entries for the pokedex and Bronco handles anything that requires heavy lifting.

Bronco: I'm good at lifting.

<Why does she need a pokedex entry writer when she can just uplink whatever next version of the device she is working on to the PEFE database?>

Professor: Anyway, before you start your gym challenge I need to lock most of the data on your pokedex so you can't cheat and read about pokemon you shouldn't know about yet. -She snatches my pokedex and makes some adjustments- There. -Hands it back-

~+~ Pent obtained the Hacked Pokedex! ~+~

Professor: I hope you have a good time here in Unova.

I head out and up to the next route, which is Route 1. I take a musty paper tourism map out of my bag so I don't get lost.

~+~ Pent obtained the Tourist Map! ~+~

As I venture out onto Route 1, I spot someone vaugely familliar...

MOST DEFINATELY NOT OLD MAN: Oh, hello new trainer. -Puts down a teacup filled with something very brown and possibly alchoholic-

Me: I'm not a new trainer...

MDNOM: Of course you are! Let me teach you how to catch pokemon! -Wanders into the tall grass, a... A weedle? A weedle pops out. MDNOM procedes to catch the weedle- See, now have some balls!

Me: Waitwhat? -Is handed a bunch of pokeballs- Oh.

~+~ Pent obtained the Poke Balls That Are In No Way Innuendo! ~+~

I progress down the route.

<I'll need to improve my team if I want to handle this gym challenge properly.>

I catch a Patrat and Lillipup and decide to name them something when I come up with a name later. I also train Oakley a little and head into town.

I get a message on my X-Tran as soon as I enter the gates. I quickly check it (Something about League Standards team size restrictions) before heading to the pokemon centre.


I like your reason for the locked entries.
Sixthhokage1 8th Jan 12