Pent does a WAAPT-ized Pokemon Black liveblog


First Battles

I drew the pokeball out of the box and examined it.

Me: Well, only one way to find out... Go!

Oakley, my Snivy, comes out.

Oakley: <Oh, hi Pent. Who's these guys?>

Me: Just some locals.

Oakley: <Okay.>

Bronco: Hey! I have an idea! Let's see how powerful this new guy is! -Draws a single pokeball- I'll go first and then Cherry can go. Go Oshawott! -A small and peppy Oshawott pops out of the pokeball-

Cherry: ~Sigh~ Fine...

(Whoa, why isn't the camera staying still in this battle?)

One simple battle later

Cherry: Well I guess it's my turn. Go Tepig! -Sends out a grumpy-looking pot-bellied Tepig-

Another battle later

Cherry: Well, looks like you are pretty strong... Not that that's really important or anything... -Checks watch- I'm going back to my own place, I need to finish up a laconic entry for the handheld dex Juniper is working on...

For some reason, Bronco follows Cherry out

I look around the trashed room

Me: Why am I always left with the cleanup? -Tidies the room and heads downstairs to check out-

After checking out, I slip on my X-Tranciever and head to the lab, Cherry and Bronco are already there.

(Nice effect with the flock of Pidove when you leave the house.)


At night it's a flock of Woobat.
rmctagg09 1st Jul 11