Fool's super special Pokemon Green Liveblog

Pipping Fool

Episode 7: To everything Burn, Burn, Burn.

After the whole ordeal regarding Rose, we decided to man up and continue on with our adventure. After all, a death of a team member was inevitable. This is a Nuzlocke Run after all. So now we head off to Route 9.

Navigating through Route 9 was a relatively painless process. The trainers were ridiculously underlevelled to my overlevelled team so we made short work of them; we also caught a Voltorb on Route 10 (Doc Scratch). Not that we would be using him because weíll get a much better Electric type later on in this episode, but now we have to go and brave the Rock Tunnel. Due to a lack of Pokemon that can learn Flash, I switched Quarters for Snowman (but I wonít be using her in battle).

Now navigating the Tunnel was a pain in the ass. Not that it was hard or anything (There were very minute changes to the dungeon layout of the Rock Tunnel in Green. Noticeable, but minute) but it was all the Goddamn Bats and the trainers who would get their Bellsprouts to use Wrap or Sleep Powder to delay the inevitable. The Rock Tunnel was always my most HATED tunnel in R/B/Y. I also killed the Geodude I encountered there. Urgh... letís head over to Lavender Town.

Now people have heard many rumours about the original R/G Lavender Town Music in that it caused a bunch of kids to commit suicide or some bullshit. In reality, some parts of the song were just in a higher, sharper pitch which was really irritating (And trust me, it is) and got a bunch of parents to complain to NoJ to change it in the later games. However, all we will be doing here is swapping Snowman back for Quarters at the Pokemon Center before moving out to Route 11.

Again, Curbstomping the trainers on Route 8 (including the Mew Trick Gambler because weíve already got a Mew) and catching a replacement Pokemon for Die; Matchsticks the Vulpix, after going back to Lavender to swap Die for Matchsticks, we go through the Underground tunnel and head on through to Celadon City (picking up another Pokemon on Route 7, Sweet Bro the Bellsprout).

Now we are in Good Olí Celadon City. All were going to be doing is replacing Eggs the Pidgeot (who was sorta being outdone by Itchy anyway) with the Eevee you receive in Celadon and buying a Thunderstone and Firestone at the Department Store. Getting Sollux was easy enough, and I evolved him into a Jolteon as soon as I got him and taught him Thunderbolt right on the spot. Even as a Level 20 Jolteon, he was wrecking some serious havoc on some Pokemon. The best spot for training him was Route 16 due to the infestation of flying types there (I also caught Trace the Doduo, which was a SWEET CATCH)

Now getting Matchsticks to Level 35 as a Vulpix (I did this so Matchsticks could learn Flamethrower naturally instead of me having to waste money on a Flamethrower TM) was a little trickier. He couldnít even one-shot a Bellsprout and nearly died on more than one occasion (and he would have if it wasnít for my quick bolts to the Celadon Pokemon Center) but after time, perseverance and hard work I managed to get my little Vulpix to Level 35 and then I evolved him into a monstrous powerhouse of a Ninetails. Itís time to kick some GRASS!

Erika and everyone in her gym were reduced to ashes and Matchsticks grew a whopping 3 LEVELS! Never has tearing a gym apart with one Pokemon ever been so satisfying. Maybe itís all the work I put into getting Matchsticks as powerful as he is.


Pokemon Total: 19

Body Count: 1

Extra Notes: Aww Vulpix looks so adorable in this game! Ninetails looks pretty badass too (I love the flame, itís a nice touch)


Are you caring about whether your fire/water/grass/electric/ice/psychic Pokemon have a good special stat or not? I mean, Jolteon's fine in that way, and Ninetails isn't that bad, but I'm still curious.

Oh, and how's the language barrier going for ya?
Sabbo 16th Jul 11
I don't care about the Special. The reason I chose to evolve Sollux into a Jolteon is because most of Gen I can be beaten by a combanation of Blastoise and an electric type (Normally Zapdos or Jolteon). Ninetails is just a Handy Pokemon to have around.

It only giving me trouble with a few items. I have Bulbapedia to tell me what the Level Up moves are for my mons (Which are identical to western R/B). The TM's still have the number on the end so I can check what they actually are.
PippingFool 16th Jul 11