God Digs Giant Robots: Let's Play Xenogears!

Shield Of Doom

Saving the City

All right, it's time for a long string of boss fights. To prepare, I strap a Beam Coat onto Weltall.

After I've done that, I get in an elevator. At that point, I cut to Rico Smoke Manmuscle, who is being executed by dinosaur.

There are more awesome ways to die, but not many.

Fortunately, Fei is here to save the day.

At any rate, I fight a Rankar R, which dies easily because it's weak.

Fei and Rico Beat Punchmeat talk for a bit, but they're interrupted by a different plot point from above.

Remember the purge mission? That's what's going on right now. Citan explains it to Fei, and it takes him very little time to figure out what's going on. Fei then proceeds to fly on after the Hecht in his Gear, setting up some major disappointment later on.

As soon as Elly's team notices Fei, they chase after him intent on getting revenge for that last fight. I'm then sent into some fights.

First up is the Aegisknight R, which isn't all that threatening. It can lower my Defense, but since it's alone that doesn't really matter.

Following that, I battle the Swordknight R. This guy's got loads of power behind him, so I have to be ready to heal if needed. I still win, though.

I then cut to Citan and Hammer evacuating people from the city. Citan talks about how Fei doesn't want to see people lose their homes, which gives Rico Hack Blowfist some inspiration or something. I then get some more fighting.

My next opponent is the Clawknight R, which is fast and good at dodging. During this fight, I use my new repair option, which restores around 1500 HP. The fight's pretty uneventful otherwise.

I then come to the Wandknights, and Rico Roll Fizzlebeef arrives to help out, coincidentally arriving the moment I get through the entire list of nicknames for Dave Ryder. Both opponents here are relatively tough, but now that I've got two Gears I can take them. Rico's Gear, the Stier, has massive attack power (it's Attack is (engine output) x 12) offset by terrible Agility. It also has light machine guns it can use to attack, but it usually punches instead.

The Wandknights are largely unchanged. They use beam attacks, then when one goes down the other uses a stronger beam attack. Nothing fancy, really.

After the fight, Fei notices Elly and tells Rico to go on ahead. The screen shatters like it would for a boss fight, but I don't actually have any fighting to do here. I just need to listen to Fei's attempt to get Elly to not fight him. Elly makes a token effort to fight Fei off, then starts yelling about how she doesn't have any freedom like Fei. After learning that Bert's crew are missing presumed dead, she asks Fei who he's fighting for.

At this point, Fei decides to take matters into his own hands. He takes Elly to see the burning city.

"Look at this town! Take a good look! This is what you've done? Does the word, 'duty' justify all of this? Does it!?"

Fei proceeds to call Elly out on continuing to do things like this even though she hates it.

"What was I fighting for just now? ......You wanted to know? I don't really know. I know I was helping Bart and the others. But I still don't know what I should do. Maybe I'm just looking for a place to fit in. But I think it's better to fight than do nothing. I fighting helps you or your friends even a bit, then it's worthwhile. That's......not nothing. ......it's something."

Fei then starts heading off to stop the Hecht. Elly warns him that Dominia is one of the Elements and thus more dangerous than a normal soldier, but that's not stopping Fei.

I'm then given the chance to save and change my Gear setup. I give Fei two Beam Coats and Rico one, then save on a different file.

Also, they've already started the boss music.

I'm sent right into a fight against the Hecht. It has a humanoid body attached to its bridge, which just looks silly. Dominia arrogantly declares that she's not going to lose to us, but she only uses Aerods, which are beam-based.

After equipping two Beam Coats, Fei is immune to beam attacks.

After a while, she summons a Super Aerod, which can explode for significant damage to both of us; it seems to go through Beam Coats.

Other than that, there's really nothing threatening in this fight, so I just beat Dominia up until she goes down, swearing revenge. She drops an HP Drive, which raises your HP when used and will be saved for someone who actually needs it.

After the fight, Fei and rico start changing the ship's course by grabbing it with their Gears. Unfortunately, the ship's too heavy for two Gears to move on their own.

Fortunately, Elly decides that how is a good time to help, and with three Gears we pull it off.

The ship is then headed straight for the residential district, but there's nothing we can do because Fei and Rico's Gears are overheating. Elly keeps trying, saying that she'll reduce the damage this way.

At the critical moment, Vierge overheats, and it starts falling. A bright light appears on the horizon, though, as Elly is saved st the last minute by...


There's definitely more to this than meets the eye.

Elly wakes up to Weltall holding her damaged Gear. Fei calls her out for risking her life like that, then they head to a less damaged part of town.

The next time we see the party, they're in hiding, waiting for Hammer to get some information to help them escape. He arrives just as they're wondering what happened to him, of course, and he's got good news about our escape. Apparently, we'll be able to escape using the Goliath, Kislev's new superweapon. Supposedly, it's big enough to destroy Bledavik on its own, and it's in an underground base north of the city.

Coincidentally, that happens to be the same base Elly's unit nicked Weltall from. As such, she can help us infiltrate the building.

That's where I'll leave off this time. Next time, we'll see about stealing the Goliath.