[Screenshot LP] Who needs drugs when you have Japan? Let's Play: Ufouria

Freezair For A Limited Time

Maggots: The chewy, high-protein treat!

Anyway, a couple of apologies before I begin this installment. The first and foremost of them: The screenshots are going to be out of order. Basically, a loooong time ago, way back in a previous installment, I Failed a Spot Check and neglected to grab something very easy to get to. But I didn't realize this until after I'd finished the thing I'd intended to do in this installment, and I had to go back and get in afterwards. So, uh, yeah, that explains a few of the inconsistencies you're going to see.

The second is that, uh, you know how last installment, I said "Bosses updated" at the end like I usually do? And then I, um, didn't actually update the bosses? Yeah. Sorry. That's fixed now. And the boss from the end of this chapter's added at the bottom too! Woo bosses!

The third apology is that I don't actually have a third apology, so I have to apologize for that. Sorry.

So! Now that we took down Floatyhead Catthing, we can move on! But first, one more thing we must do!

This block of blocks is located just off the starting pool, down the way a little bit. Breaking it reveals a shortcut into that only-just-inaccessible-until-we-got-suction-cups pool of water from the mine...

Remember this place, folks?

Yeah. As it turns out, I'm completely brain-dead, and it never occurred to me that there might be something in this area with the warp door that would necessitate putting a warp door here. As it turns out, you can climb up here.

And look! It's right up here. We could have picked up this final Health Container last time we were here, but noooo.

And now, to go back and do what we actually did before this got done. Quick! Press the "ANTI-CONTINUITY BUTTON!"

We're back near the entrance of the mines! Hello, Mr. Orange Cube!

Goodbye, Mr. Orange Cube! Just sit tight in there; you'll be nice and toasty again in a few seconds!)

We meet at last, Mr. Wall. Your confounding bricky presence shall confound us no more! This hidden door shall yield its fruits to us!

I'm going to guess the cat's away, because I see a whole lot of mice at play here. But unlike other members of their family, they're not chasing us! Hmmm...

This is actually a puzzle that makes use of Freeon's ice breath! You need to freeze these guys in order to progress. Frost them with Freeon, then use her and Shades' SUPER TEAMWORK POWAAH to leap between each one.

The jumping is far from the only tricky thing. For one thing, you've got to be swift, since the mice defrost after a while. But more importantly, you have to make sure that the mice are at the right height before freezing them. If you freeze them too low, your breath won't be able to reach the next one, and if it does, you might accidentally freeze it too high, such that you can't jump to it even with Shades.

The trick is to aim kinda high on all of 'em. Once the graphical glitch kicks in and the blocks turn orange for some bizarre reason, you're almost done!

And what is that I see? Go for it, Louie!

It's Medicine, but this time, it's pink! Pepto-Bismol of the ancients! Will a "stomach ache" status effect be added at the last minute?

No! Even better! This pink Medicine, dubbed the Water of Life (looks less like Water and more like Liquid Bubblegum, though) refills all of our health in one go! Woo!


Now, what happens if we drop beneath these mice?

Phew; it's getting hot in here. Time to cool it down.

These mice are even more annoying than the other ones. With these, you have to ensure they stay close to the lava, or else you'll be too high up to freeze the next one in line.

Such as what happened to me here. Being Shades at the time, I decided to try just bouncing off that last mouses' head. It can work.

It didn't.

Lather, rinse, repeat. Or, given that this is lava, pumice, pahoehoe, repeat. (Also, shut up spellcheck. Pahoehoe is so a word. You don't even recognize "spellcheck" as a word, you ignorant little digital red pen. You would be laughed out of a geologist's conference like that.)

Despite more than one boiling bath, we somehow manage to make it to the other side. But a wall like this is nothing we haven't seen before.

But, uh, that is. Why the lined face, dino-dude?

And he... spits out a maggot. And then... resumes... chewing? Y... yum?

This is the second Mook Maker enemy, by the way. Only instead of frogs, they spit... maggots. From their mouths.

They also seem to be rather glitchy enemies. There's only two of them and they only appear here, but they get messed up. For example, they normally take three hits. In this screenshot, it dropped a ball but didn't die. (Not normal behavior for non-boss enemies.) In the other shot I watched this whole thing twice to capture, I hit one with a ball, and a sprite of it fell off-screen in the way enemies normally do when they die via balls, but it still remained and required extra death.

And here's a maggot that fell off the edge and morphed into remnants of Happyblock. Huh.

But enough of them! What about this marvelous door they're guarding? Given how hot it was to get to, it must have something good inside!

Yeah, I already know where this is going.

Good morrow to you, sir! Yea, verily, and forsooth, for mine eyes doth behold the seventh boss! And lo! From this day forth, he shall be christened: Sir Catalot!

Alas, but as 'tis said within the modern vernacular: Oh snap! Sir Catalot just paces like the other bosses, but spears rain from the ceiling here. To make matters worse, his Nigh Invulnerable armor protects his head from the feet of our fearless crew! Whatever shall we do?

Eye have an idea.

OK, so to be honest, I don't think this is actually how you're supposed to win this fight. But Shades' secret weapon—the one everyone bangs on—completely trivializes this fight. In addition to being completely invincible while his eyes are on the prowl, Shades' eyes' homing effect means each launch of the weapon does multiple hits to Sir Catalot here.

Also, for some reason, the spears don't fall as heavy on the left side of the room, making it an ideal charging spot.

The best part?: Once his armor falls off, he is so utterly shamed by its loss that he doesn't even move. He just stands, completely stationary, waiting for you to deal the killing blow. Is he honor-bound, Facing Death With Dignity? Is he stupefied by his loss? Did the game designers just forget to give him AI?

Who cares! He's done with now!

With that, we now possess the Blue Key! In fact, we now complete our collection of keys!

As you can see by our lovely status screen, we have now found everything in the game (minus that Health Container I actually went to pick up later)! You know what that means: We can go take on the final boss! We're almost done with this game, folks! Can you believe it?

Next time, on Let's Play Ufouria: We take on the final boss! Or... do we? I guess you'll have to tune in to find out!

  • Enemies updated!
  • Bosses updated! (For real this time!