[Screenshot LP] Who needs drugs when you have Japan? Let's Play: Ufouria

Freezair For A Limited Time

Head in the Clouds

To all of my fellow Americans out there: Happy Fourth of July! To everybody else: Well, it's still the fourth day of July anyway, and I hope that, regardless of what you've done today, it has been good! Maybe you got to watch some things explode even!

But, then again, you're sitting here reading this LP, so obviously, your day is ufouric already. Hurr hurr hurr.

Right then.

I hate to do this, but.., it must be done. Grab that dangling... thing, Shades. We've got a ride to take.

In order to transport us to the top of the cliffside, Mama Thing decides to take the most scenic route possible.

And then she just explodes in a puff of smoke and vanishes. Be sure to hold "Down" when you drop here, or else you'll hit the crows.

Of course, the rebound from stomping one might make you hit them anyway.

We land in a field with little of import in it save a rather obvious hole.

We're clearly not going that way, so down it is. And I'm showing off that second screenshot because I have literally no idea what caused Shades to face directly forward like that.

Heaven forbid we didn't add to our Long Fall count in this installment! We also land in a narrow passageway; too narrow to jump in, even. What could be on the other side, hmm?

PERFECT SENSE, that's what. You mean you've never seen a faucet sticking out of a cliff before? What kind of weirdo world do you live in? ...Although, in terms of goofiness, I can actually accept this as being sufficiently dreamlike.

Once again, the game interrupts me mid-jump. Game, that's very rude! >:( Oh well. "HERE'S A THING TO DO," game says. "OK," Freezair says. Too bad. Between the slobber and the... unmentionable stuff, I could use a good bath.

A strange doorway lies at the bottom of the dry hole, however. What kind of soon-to-be-Atlantean paradise will it lead us to?

...Back here. With no obvious means of egress. Well, I guess this place was bound to have a Cool Gate or two.

Obviously, there's not much more left for us here. The only way to go?

All the way back...

...Across the trees...

...To the place we got here from...

...And go up that rope.

Yeah. See you on the other side of a Travel Montage, guys!

*Insert Indiana Jones theme music here*

And we're back, standing on top of a floating droll monster and getting ready to make another climb. Up we go!

More ropes? But... I can't make fun of ropes for being weird! NOOOO!

Looks like we're springing upwards.

Woooo! There are a lot of crows in this little area, but we're completely invincible while we're being propelled by the bounce pad, so they're pretty much harmless to us.

Luckily, Shades runs into some airborne fluffy white concrete, so he stops before he goes into low earth orbit.


Why should the walls get to have all the fun? The boxes have eyes, too!

"You are now able to BS your way through college papers!" And maybe find a few things too.

The locations of important treasures (but not medicines, presumably because they respawn) are now marked on the map as pink spots. And look! One's right on top of us! Literally, two squares to the left and one above us. Let's go get it!

Fair warning right now: Three of the treasures herein marked (I won't say right now, but you'll see them when we get to them) are totally useless for reasons you will see when we accquire them. However, for the sake of 100% Completion, we'll be getting them anyway even if they're not necessary.

Walking along a little ways leads us to...

Hark! A Vagrant's Fat Pony, apparently.

These strange, little chipmunk-faced heads are your standard Temporary Platforms stuff, mostly. Shades isn't absolutely necessary here until the end, but he makes this much easier.

There is one kind of mean trick halfway through, though. The next platform you need to get on actually rises up behind you (it wasn't there before); attempting to jump to the next one in sequence results in you plummeting to a little area with a cloud and another teleporting door. I felt too lazy to purposefully mess up, though.

And besides, solid sky awaits!

Gaah! How did you get up here? I mean, besides the fact that you can fly and all!

I don't need help from people who speak in sentence fragments! ...Or who carry me across on... Things that should not be spoken of. D8

Still... I guess I haven't really got a choice.

At least this trip offers some scenery. Clouds, yes, but that's scenery!

And we get dropped off... in the middle of nowhere, apparently.


Drool from the heavens! Quick, jump on before it gets slurped back up!

Not surprisingly, this place is a haven for avians. Havians! ...Yeah, I agree, that's lame.

Apparently, someone got "clowns" and "clouds" mixed up, and then this happened.

Wait—wait a minute! Where all those walls coming from!? This is an open area! You're not allowed to have a boss fight here! You have to be in a cave or a castle—WAAAAIT!

Well crap.

Meet Lolwut Larry's brother: Sky-High Harry! You might even mistake them for the same person, since they have the same facial expressions, same jaunty strut, and same music, except Harry is quite obviously blue. Totally different person. Luckily, since he's completely identical to his brother (except in doing slightly more damage), he's a total breeze. Shade's ability to glide around means he can move right over Harry's head, for easy stomping and avoiding. I don't know what Shades stomps with, but, there you go.

See? Piece of—

Wait, what the...


Excuse me?

Yeah; forget that rehash. Smack him around a bit and you'll start the real boss fight here, complete with different music (which is really your first cue that something's wrong). Sky-High Harry's head takes leave of its shoulders, and starts bobbing up and down the room in an erratic pattern that's more challenging to avoid. You have to leap over him when he's low to the ground to jump on him; I recommend Shades for this.

You also have to be careful to aim your throws at him when he's near to the ground, too, or else you'll waste your ball.

His first stage takes five hits, and his helicopter head takes an additional five. Land them successfully, and the magic of NES sprite flicker goes to work on Harry as he explodes for good! Victory!

The satisfaction of a job well done is its own reward, but helpful items never hurt!

Hooray! We got a... plunger?

Close! Bop-Louie now has the power to make like the Mythbusters and nosily scale walls! And they even provided a convenient place to test it out.

So we shall!

Bop-Louie can climb walls by pushing the D-pad in the direction of the wall and tapping the A button. Luckily, unlike the stomp attack, this isn't too difficult to figure out on your own. Louie will slide down if if you don't keep tapping the button, but so long as you do, he'll keep on...

Um... Pelvic thrusting... into the wall...?

Yep. Pelvic thrusting into the wall.

I guess that's one interpretation of his name.

Next time, on Let's Play Ufouria: We finally get a much-needed bath, though it fails to do anything for our dirty minds. See you then!

  • Characters updated!
  • Bosses updated!


"Rocket from the sockets!" —The Visual Eye, from the Tick. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68WaYGeCyfA&t=55s
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