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Death Note 2: Rebirth of a New Battle - Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Eriscene Loud

A mall somewhere in Tokyo, Kanto region, Japan

Ryuk hovered above her and the crowd. He wondered who she was refering to about the person she will kill, when she called him away from his thoughts.

" They can't see you?", she whispered. Whoops, he forgot to tell her that.

" Only those who touch the notebook can see me."

Keep this in your mind. This is going to be the source of loads and loads of fridge logic later, especially if you've read the original material.

" I see".

This human is sharp. I wonder if she's as smart as light... Ryuk wondered.

You can almost feel that warning Suedom flag rise up. Especially since, you know, that doesn't really show her being all that sharp.

She found a secluded spot and openned the death note. She hesitated, then turned to Ryuk.

" I can controll their actions and time of death, right?" she asked.

" Yup".

She began to scribble something. After a while, she closed the notebook and ride a bus, towards a hotel.

"Why are we here?" Ryuk asked quite demanding. He wanted to find out what she wrote down ( he didn't look because he wants surprises).

"I need a rest", she whispered back as she handed the credit card to the clerk. " You'll find everything out tomorrow. Didn't you see what I wrote down?". Ryuk shook his head.

Well, she's more patient than Light. He took the first mean dude he saw and dropped him dead.

" It's not fun if I already know what's gonna happen".

Fun? Oh right, she forgot he only went down for entertainment.

Easy to make sex joke. Totally not going to make it.

Oh, well... Nothing to do but to see what's gonna happen tomorrow.

She walked down a crowded mall that morning, Ryuk flying above her. She was wearing her blond wig as a disguise. They happen to pass by an apple store.

"Buy me an apple", he suddenly demanded.

"No, Ryuk, later. He's coming".


A man suddenly came out of nowhere and seized her, pointing a gun at her head.

"Everyone give me all your money or this girl dies!"

You know, it's one thing to hold a cashier at gunpoint and demand cash, it's another thing to some random woman and demand random citizens to give you cash so you don't blow her brains out.

Screams and panic all around. Gevanni, who happens to be at the scene, recognized the holdapper as the serial killer they are after.

Remember, he's one of the mooks for the good guys at the end of Death Note and an FBI agent.

He quickly cintacted his fellow agents who happened to be nearby. As fast and quiet as a cat, he moved near the criminal and karate-hit his arm, disarming him of the gun.

Knowing Female Protagonist and Gevanni have both greeted people with karate, I'm beginning to wonder if showing off your martial arts skills in Japan is a way of saying hello.

The holdapper realized his mistake and dashed away, Pursuaded by four FBI agents.

Quick, catch him! He's clearly attempting to hold some apps!

Apparantly he was too fast, and when he got to the streets he didn't see the car ciming...

First I thought "Why don't you guys just shoot him?" Well, then something else came to mind, why didn't you just catch this guy when he inevitably had to sleep? I mean, you've already constantly tracking him, can't be that hard.

She was in shock. The death note is real. She remembered writing the criminal's name yesterday:

Josh Murphy, hit by a car tomorrow by 8 am

chased by cops after a few moments of holdapping her, runs to the streets and gets hit by a car.

Lady, he was just trying to fish for some hol.

Everything Ryuk told her was real. The notebook does kill people. Does that mean she's a murderer? No, wait. She must be happy, now that her mom's death was justified.

Well see, I had to kill her since her daughter would kill me in the future. That's totally okay, right?

Though the thing she did was more vengeance than justice.

Same difference, you kill me, I kill you, it's all fair.

Even so, she had another problem. She had not expected the 'cops' to be the FBI agents. She needed to get away, especially from Gevanni. She was about to leave when...

"Wait, miss!", said a familiar voice. It came from Gevanni or should I say, Stephen Loud.

Thank you narrator, for that stunning reveal that means nothing.

Bad Luck for her.

"Yes?" she replied, trying to calm herself.

"You alright?", Stephen asked.

"Just fine". Something in her voice is familiar. And she's avoiding eye contact. He searched her eyes.

So is it really that hard to deepen your voice some? Or you know, change the pitch to avoid being that easily recognized?

" Do I know you?"

"No. Haven't met you before". Gevanni barely noticed his other companions when the truth striked him.

Striked him like a screw getting sticked.

"ERISCENE? What are you doing here?".

"Eriscene? Your Daughter?", Rester asked.

Eriscene Loud took her wig off and lowered her eyes.

"Hello Dad". She groaned. Men, Daddy's gonna kill her for going to Japan without permission.

So she's the daughter of this guy:

So that's our heroine. Murdered a man, knows karate and uses it on innocent janitors, justifies the death of her own mother. But don't worry, in the words of the author:

Her life will be dramatic after that.