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Death Note 2: Rebirth of a New Battle - Chapters 1 - 3

Welcome back, I'm finally in the mood again to do this stuff. Here I now bring a fanfic that has a lot less copy and pasting and a lot more original content meaning that our protagonist this time won't be wallpaper. Since it starts off a bit slow, let's summarize the first couple of chapters:

In chapter 1, we basically found out Light hid a death note (a magical little notebook that killed whoever he wrote the name of in, allowing him to become a tyrannical mass murder). Also, some of the mooks of Near, the guy who beat Light, are tracking down some murderer overseas.

In chapter 2, our female, unnamed protagonist is stalking said mooks (and keeps being referred to as or referring to herself as a stalker in a manner that I find rather unsettling). She also commits battery on a random janitor, trespasses on government property, meets a shinigami (supernatural dudes who kill things to not die), got a weapon of mass destruction, and knows Japanese.

Feel free to fully read both of those right here.

Chapter 3: Only one way to find out

The secret chamber of NPA building, New Character's P.O.V.

"Ryuk", I mimic. Maybe he's the one playing tricks on me. After all, he did scare me.

"What kind of prank is this? And why are you wearing costume?" I accused.

I'm just going to ignore the poor use of accuse there and instead talk about how the author managed to switch between tenses. And it's going to be happening some more.

"Costume? I'ts not a costume. I'm a shinigami." He asked, amazement in his bony face.

I have to admit, I almost believed him when he said it's not a costume he's wearing. It did look very realistic, but still I won't fall for that. I stepped forward, reached up and pulled off the mask. It didn't even move. I gasped, it is his face after all. But, if it's real...Death Gods exist?

And he was not foiled by some meddling kid that day.

"Hyuk hyuk!", Ryuk chuckled, "You're quite brave. I expected you to scream. Humans are interesting".

"...". I was speechless. Should I take that as a compliment?

Probably, otherwise he might kill you.

"Um, Ryuk, what is all this? This secret room, the notebook?". I asked.

"Glad you asked.", he leaned forward, a movement that made me step backwards. "What you hold in your hands, is the power of Kira."

POWER OF KIRA? This notebook? How? Why did Kira left it in here hidden?

"That notebook", Ryuk explained, probably from the confused expression on my face, " is the Death Note".

And so the explanation went. The previous owner is Kira. Ryuk told me everything about him, from the time he picked up the death note to his defeat. I wasn't exactly a Kira worshipper, but it was all to much to take in. He also told me about the notebook, and it's rules, and how to use it.

"A simple notebook can kill people?", I asked, dazed from the imposibble information.


"But... that's impossible!"

Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

"You don't believe me, try it"

"...". Me, try it? Won't that make me a murderer? But stil...if all this is true...

Only one way to find out.

But who should I kill? No, wait. The phsycho who killed my mom? Is it really okay to kill criminals?

Well, at least you're having second thoughts about this. Light just jumped off the deep end and made sure anyone in jail had a significantly shorter life span.

I picked up the notebook, and walked outside ASAP.

" You're not gonna test it?" Ryuk interoggated.

Keep up with the awkward ways of saying said and asked and we might have to make a drinking game out of it.

" I will, in a right time. I need to find out immediately if he will die."

" Who will die?"

"You'll find out later"

Ryuk grinned his creepy grin. "Humans really are...intriguing!"

So that's a rap up. Yeah, I know, not the most exciting first few chapters, but it will pick up.