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Fire Emblem - The Girl From Another World - Chapter 15 - END

Meru: chapter 15. The last chapter.

Miyako: man, for some reason I feel sad.

Yuri: maybe becuz we're finish.

Meru: but I'm still making another one.

Yuri: every story always have an ending.

Miyako: what does that mean?

Yuri: idk I made it up.

Meru: anyways I do not own fire emblem or its characters. Only Meru and Fayt. On with the fic. That reminds how'd u get back?

Yuri: we'll talk about that later.

Okay guys, got the epic music on in the background? Dragon Force sound tracks? Sephiroth's theme? Ride of the Valkyries? Yakety Sax? This is sure to be an action packed conclusion!

Chapter 15: Rebirth Part 5

The next thing I saw the moment I passed those doors was a battlefield. There lies a 4-cornered sigil with a circle in each corner and a diamond in the middle. In the middle, lies Ashera. "It's her..." Ike said.

"Ashera." Yune said. Yune then moves forward towards her. "Ashera! It's me...Yune. Can you hear me?" From where I see it, she had her eyes closed like she was sleeping. (A/N: to me she looks like she's sleeping.)

Thanks for the justification, Meru_64.

"Please! Please listen to me! You don't need to pass any more judgment! You can return the people to normal!" Ashera then opens her eyes.

"I cannot. There are still people in my world who are made of fallible flesh. This imperfect world has passed beyond control. Now, I shall pass my final judgment."

"Wait! You can't violate the terms of the covenant, Ashera! One thousand years still hasn't passed. We were woken by galdr, not by mankind's war."

"It doesn't matter. During my long sleep, beorc and laguz continued to fight. The children of flesh will never learn nor grow. Time will pass as always, but nothing can change the destiny of mankind."

"You have to look deeper! The first judgment didn't turn everyone to stone, and I'll tell you why. Because these people are not "people" as we know them. Ashera, these people have become something new!"

"Yune's right! You can't just turn us to stone. We have change. We CAN change if only you give us a chance. Please Ashera." I said hoping this would get through to her.

And then Ashera saw the reasoning behind Meru's statement and found that she couldn't disagree with Meru and so decided to stop judgement. And then everything was better. The End.

"People-the Zunanma-are the only living creatures of this world that we didn't create. Animals evolved to become Zunanma, who then became laguz and beorc. That evolution continues today!" Then Yune takes several steps forward. "Ashera... I'll tell you a secret you didn't know. [She holds out her arms] Children can be born of both a beorc and laguz parent. They are still very few in numbers, but if allowed to flourish, mankind might become anything! If the two races continue to evolve, I'm sure something wonderful will emerge! You can't just bring that to a halt."

"I couldn't have said it any better Yune."

"Do not claim certainty of anything. The children of this world are born of chaos, and nothing could be more uncertain. The world does not require the evolution of man. My responsibility is to protect order, the balance of all life-forms. Beings that evolve without my guidance will only destabilize and threaten this world. Because of that—" said Ashera.

Remember, the Goddess hates Oreos.

"You have to wipe out everything made of flesh? Is that what you're trying to say? ...Very well then. You and I have nothing more to talk about. My only choice is to defeat you," said Yune.

"Yune, do not be absurd... You cannot overthrow me, just as I cannot overthrow you."

"Of course not. But they can. Everyone! The time has come! Defeat Ashera, or everyone you love will be a statue forever!"

"These people, they carry your blessing, Yune... You mean to fight me?"

"Ashera, our goddess... This is the world-and we are the people—you created. You make it sound as if we're some sort of filthy creatures that just decided to settle down here and cause trouble," said Ike.

"Ike! Don't say it like that." Yune said.

"We're not perfect. Sometimes our brains tell us one thing, while our emotions tell us another. And war... The more we try to avoid it, the worse it is when it comes to us."

"He's right. We may not be perfect. Heck, even I admit that I'm not perfect. I mean I hate fighting yet here I am. Fighting for everyone's futures. But that still doesn't give you the right to get rid of us." I said fumy at her.

Whelp, I can't find any definition for fumy, so do like I do, just replace any unknown word with sexily.

Anyway, if it wasn't for the sudden throw in last chapter where Meru got badly hurt by Sephiran, I'd say that she was spouting complete bullshit right now.

"People are probably the dumbest creatures alive."

"But... Somehow you're also the most endearing. It's your imperfections that make you so interesting... Imperfections very similar to ours." Yune said to us.

"We know that we've messed up. We'll do our best to avoid more war and to make peace our highest priority. Ashera, just give us one more chance. All we ask for is one more chance."

"You expect me to reverse my judgment? The goddess of order cannot be so...mercurial. My decision is final," Ashera said.

'she just doesn't give up does she?' I sighed.

Nope, now do the impossible, see the invisible, row row, fight the power already!

"So that's how it's going to be, huh? Then we will fight... [Ike unsheathes his sword] and we will save our people. Make your peace with whatever the gods worship. Your end is near," Ike said determinedly. Then the sigil that Ashera stands on begins to glow even brighter.

"My end is near?"

"In every battle that mattered in my life, I've always been the one left standing, no matter how slim my chances. This battle means more than any of the others, because it's for the life of every person that I've ever cared about. I will win this fight."

"uh-huh. That goes the same to me, except for you Ike, I always got to be on top even before I came here. Now it's up to you Ike to save the world." I said with a playful laugh.

Hold on, hold it, hold everything. Meru's stepping down? I've got a feeling I'm going to be very pissed off very soon.

"What do you mean?"

"You'll find out soon enough Ike."

"Anyways, this is our final battle Meru. You ready?" Edward asked.

"Mii~ as ready as I'll ever be. How about we start it off?"

"Why the heck not?"

"Yosh! Let's…. GO!" with that Sephiran comes from the side.

"Forgive me, goddess. I must end my service to you now. My dear goddess, Ashera. Please forgive me!" Lehran said to Ashera

"Lehran..." Ashera responded

"Everything I've done was a mistake. This is all a result of my weakness. The changes were unbearable to watch, too frightening to understand. It grew painful to accept change, and with that my heart filled with cowardice. I was overwhelmed by the pain, and could think of nothing but soothing it. As long as I suffered, I was blind to anything else, even to the beautiful things of the world. I can see it now... The people deserve compassion. They deserve to have their lives back!"

"No. You were always too flexible, too inconstant. You cannot sway me any further."

"Ashera... My goddess... Please."

"Be silent now and watch as I erase these things that confuse your simple heart."


"Everyone, listen carefully. In order to reach Ashera, we must first destroy the aura protecting her. Got it? Attack the aura," Yune said to us.

"Did you see him?" I asked Lehran.

"Yes, it was as you said. He also said he didn't want to be involve in this battle."

"oh.. I guess that would've been best."

Mêlée à Trois? Eh, wouldn't be that bad, in fact, that'd sound like an interesting way to end this stuff.


"so you fighting?"


"good cuz we need all the help we could get." With that the battle started. Luckily I had Nihil, along with Corona . I wasn't the only one with Nihil though. Everyone else had it too. Without it we would've been hurt very badly because of the auras. Those without Nihil fought the elemental spirits that Ashera summoned. Eventually we destroy the entire aura.

Okay, in game mechanics explanation, Nihil is a skill that you can give to your units that negates all of the special skills that your enemy may have. In this case, the team you're fighting is loaded with some pretty painful ones. Corona... ignores enemy magic resistance and halves their accuracy so your squishy priests don't die like animals. For Meru, it just means she's all that much more game breaking.

"The aura is gone," said Micaiah.

"Excellent. Now we can finish this," said Ike.


"Ike , its best that you do it." I said.

Oh yeah, that feeling, I know that whatever the result of this is, I am going to be pissed beyond belief.

"Why? I think we're both qualify to do so." Ike said to me.

"Don't you remember? You nearly killed me by cutting off my head. Luckily you only scratched me on the cheek."

"Yeah? Then take a look at this." Ike held up the arm that he didn't use his sword with. There was a faint scar that I had left.

"That was a fluke. But I still think you should do it. If you failed then that's when I'll do it."

Oh lord, it's like watching a train wreck in slow motion. Slow freaking motion and being unable to stop it. Nooooooooooo!

"Whatever you say." Ike then walks towards where Ashera was with Micaiah as Yune and me following behind them. When Ike was about to finish Ashera up, she suddenly flew him across the room.

"What in the?" He was ok but he looked knocked out cold.

"Meru are you up to this?" Yune asked me.

"I better be. You do know my swords right?"

"Sakura? Of course. The same blades that the princess made for me. Ironic really, that sword is going to defeat Ashera. I'll give you all the power I have. Use it well."

That's not how irony works!

"Of course Yune." With that I run up to Ashera, did a front flip, and struck her with Sakura surrounded with blue light. When I gave the final blow she collapsed and disappeared. I was in shock after I what I just done. Ike, who just came to, took over for me.

What is there left to do? You've beaten Ashera and had one of the most obnoxious kill steals I've ever seen. You and your dang plot rewriting just stole the story from the real protagonist and couldn't even be bothered to wait six seconds for him to get back up! Damn it, Meru, you suck on so many levels, sssssooooo many levels. No flashy, exciting final battle, just Ike fighting off screen and then getting knocked out only for you to run in and kill steal like the over powered asshat you are!


"i-I can't believe. Did I really defeat her?" I stood there dumbly until Fayt came up to me.

"Meru, we better go. It's finally over." He said to me.

"Fayt. Yeah you're right. It's over…" I giving a smile to him. Before we started walking he hugged me as tight as possible without killing me.

"I was so worry about you."

"-laughs- Fayt… so was I believe it or not." I gave the hug and we started our long journey down the Tower of Guidance. When we got to the room where Ike had his fight with Zelgius, I looked into room and saw his armor and what was left of the concoction. 'he's gone. I guess that's for the best.' I thought.

"Mer, what are you doing?" Fayt asked.

"Just looking. And that's a first. You called me by my nickname." He blushed madly and I just laugh. I then closed the door smiling. When we got out it was time to go to our separate ways and say our goodbyes.

"Well, I guess this is over. We'd better be on our way." said Sothe.

"Are you going back to Daein?" asked Ike.

"Yes. Everyone's waiting for us," said Micaiah.

"We'll have to start rebuilding all over again. Hopefully this will be the last time." Sothe said.

"No. Don't say "hopefully." Make it the last time. If anyone can do it, you two can." Ike said to them.

"There's always that saying. 'if you can't do it, nobody can.'" I said to them.

Fuck you! It's like you're trying to rub salt in the wound!

"I don't doubt it, but thanks for your confidence." Sothe said to me.

"Thank you Ike. I won't ever forget you." Micaiah said.

"Mii~ what about me?" I said playfully.

No. Go to hell.

"You're not coming?"

"Probably not. It's not like I don't want to come. It's just… the war is over and I have to go back where I came from."


"Are you really leaving Meru?" Asked Fayt coming up to me with Edward, Leo, and Laura.

"Most likely…"

"then here before you leave." Edward said giving me a miniature banner of the dawn brigade.

"So that you can have something to remember us by." Laura said looking like she's going to cry.

" Don't cry Laura or else you'll make me." I said and then I started to fade out of existence.

Quick, someone run a sword through her heart right now so that when she lands back in Japan, she'll be left for dead!

"Wait there's one question I want you to answer. How did you know this was going to all happen?" Ike asked.

"That's better left unknown Ike. Fayt I-I.. I love you…" I said crying.

"I love you too, Meru." He said. Before I completely went out of existence I kissed Fayt passionately and with that i completely faded away.

The Whisperer, Fayt (A/N: I suck at thinking good titles so this is the best I could up with.)

Fayt helped rebuilding Daein right beside Queen Micaiah and King Sothe. He never got married for he never found a girl like Meru.

Fap fap, I suppose.

The Black Knight, Zelgius

Nobody ever saw him again until a person asked Stefen to join his group. Nowhere to be found.

He later fell into a deep ditch and died. No one gave two shits.

The Blue-haired Girl, Meru

As for me, I returned being the average girl I used to be. Except I was on stage with my sister and friends, remembering all the time I had, singing.

She was later put in an insane asylum for going on about magic and telekinesis.

Meru: I feel weird.

Miyako: omg this is the most wonderful story ever –cries-

Yuri: there, there it's alright –comforting Miyako-

Meru: I'm still making another story.


Both: Really?

Meru: omg. Anyways until next time folks.

All: BYE!


Okay, so once upon a time, there was a girl named Rein. We really don't know where she came from but she learned knew magic and discovered a method that allowed her to skip between different universes. Oddly enough, while she couldn't travel back and forth in time between the universes, she did find out that their time moved forward at different rates. The one that just so happened to move the slowest was our own, so a single year on Earth meant several years elsewhere.

A long time ago, she ended up in a place called Akaneia where she met a man named Marth. Together they slew evil tyrants and dragons, thus bringing peace to the land. Alas, his former companion and lover, Sheeda, jealous of Rein seized the kingdom and drove Marth out. With little else to do, they escaped to our world. Time had passed and Akaneia was reshaped several times by the destruction that Ashera and Yune caused. Meanwhile, twenty years had passed with Marth and Rein, they settled down in a place called Japan and had three children. The youngest child was gifted with Marth's artistic use of the blade and Rein's ability to use magic.

All was well until one day another traveler had come to Japan from Akaneia. However, such a long time had passed that the land had become known as Tellius. This traveler had come in search for a certain blade of legend, one that could slay dragons and gods, the Falchion of Marth. He was young Lord Ashnard and he killed Marth in cold blood while he was unarmed. With that, he took the Falchion and returned to Tellius to take the throne by force. Rein found out and struck with grief, she followed him, thinking she would return soon enough without her children knowing. It was not so, she would never return, leaving her children to be orphans and live next to their neighbors that would be mentioned in a single chapter and never appear again.

In Tellius, Rein managed to regain the blade and in a moment of rage etched "Sakura" onto it as a symbol of how it was meant to be a tool of beauty, to bring happiness to people, not grief. With it, she'd plotted to bring down Ashnard. Alas, the senate got wind of the ploy and decided it was too soon for Daein to fall. They had Rein killed. In her last attempts to keep the blade out of the hands of murderers, she sent it and her gear back to Earth, however, she was so weakened that the spell malfunctioned, the blade ended up in present day Earth, drawn to a similar source of magic, Meru, but failed and dragged Meru back with it. She ended up at a later point in Tellius' history, right when Micaiah and the Black Knight met.

Earlier, Meru, struck with grief eventually began to hone her skill with the blade and began to look into magic. Much like Soren did, she discovered a way to increase her power to even greater heights, she made a deal with a malignant Shinto spirit. In exchange for power, telekinesis, and the ability to read minds, she would never be allowed to see her parents in the afterlife. Still under the belief that her mother was still alive, she agreed to it and so continued her quest to find her mother.

And thus, we get to present day, Meru has found out what happened to her mother, avenged her parents, and brought peace to the world of Tellius at the cost of her own soul.

Eh, I probably made a mistake somewhere in there, but who cares?

Overall, this piece of fan fiction wasn't terribly bad until the very end. That's largely due to the fact that the plot stayed logical because Meru didn't interact with it, though to be honest, I enjoyed it the most around chapter seven if only because I got to see a lot more of what was Meru and her past. Aside from a lot less lifted dialog and a lot less of Meru being on permanent god mode, I think the main improvement this series could have seen was that she did interact more with the people around her and the consequences of her actions were further explored. I mean, she wasn't above screwing up as we saw with Ike coming in and completely stomping on her plan and shoving Micaiah's army out but we really did get to see much more than that.

And I still don't know what she put on that note.

Anyway, with that, this is over. I think I'll have a few days of filler one chapter pieces of fan fiction before I get started on the next long one. As always, feel free to suggest some pieces for me to do, I'll put them into consideration. Hope you enjoyed this and my particular brand of MSTing/sporking, though I still have the feeling I've got a lot of room to improve. Regardless, have a nice day.